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    York, PA
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    CS:GO, Cars, shooting people in the face IRL.
  1. Rashnutz

    So let's talk some more...

    Dates times location, I'll be there...
  2. Rashnutz

    Match Server

    Something? The TK fest makes me avoid the server...Is there a LO3 for the server? that would be nice when its just a GC 5v5?
  3. Rashnutz

    ESL Katowice 2015

    idle'd the entire tournament, 0 drops!
  4. Rashnutz

    Let's talk dates!

    I just need a solid date to submit my Leave. This unit wants leave forms submitted 3mo (1Quarter) ahead, and I have family coming town that month.
  5. Mowing lawns, there's some off the books crap his lazy bum could be doing....I distinctly remember throwing newspapers at ~13 on a paper route...
  6. Rashnutz

    Match Server

    I cant even play on the server anymore, TK is out of control.
  7. Get a job..
  8. Rashnutz

    Saturday Night Customs Prize Night March 7, 2015!!!!!

    Put me in Coach!
  9. Rashnutz

    Ban Request

    aimbot, wallhack you name it.... dude is a menace.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ivancheng368/ "Awptimus Prime" STEAM_1:0:97539105 hostname: gamrs.co | 5 vs 5 match server version : 5949 secure udp/ip : os : Windows type : community dedicated gotv: port 27020, delay 105.0s players : 7 humans, 2 bots (12/0 max) (not hibernating) # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate #39 "gamrs.co TV" BOT active # 40 2 "SSG Rashnutz" STEAM_1:1:8016149 33:33 82 0 active 128000 # 58 3 "infamousgamer51" STEAM_1:1:98389118 03:11 79 0 active 128000 # 57 4 "Ernst" STEAM_1:1:38216691 04:30 49 0 active 128000 #70 "Brett" BOT active # 44 6 "Tyrone Biggums" STEAM_1:0:38134769 29:28 76 0 active 128000 # 59 8 "lungblood" STEAM_1:0:39228157 02:12 55 0 active 128000 # 51 9 "Awptimus Prime" STEAM_1:0:97539105 19:23 99 1 active 128000 # 52 10 "Fasachi" STEAM_1:1:50410756 14:33 119 0 active 128000 #end
  10. Rashnutz

    Anyone know about knife pricing/values?

    Market has plummeted the value of my inventory, only worth $250 now. Sold some big pieces I am now regretting.. good thing I only have $125 invested... good luck on that trade!
  11. I run a netcode autoexec that mostly optimizes positional audio for my headset, most of my launch options prob don't even work anymore. but I've been using them for awhile. -freq 120 -refresh 120 -processheap -novid -nojoy -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -high -tickrate 128 -threads 8 -nod3d9ex -noaafonts +exec autoexec.cfg +mat_queue_mode 2 +mat_vignette_enable 0
  12. Rashnutz

    Match Server

    So like the title says I'm posting some personal issues I have with the public match server. I play there a lot as an alternative when the pub gets way too populated for some of the smaller maps. 1. Seems like the lawless west for a couple of reasons a. TK auto kick is not enabled? Just disconnected from the server and a guy was -16 / 8 the entire team did nothing but TK and the last man standing took on the other team? b. Vote is disabled? Couldn't vote kick the TK'ers.. 2. Its a popular place and people play there just as much as they are on the pub, maybe more. once again keep up the good work, that is all...
  13. I liked it until the current release, I have since switched back to Win7 as I had too many issues with an SSD Raid configuration on my primary system.
  14. Rashnutz

    5v5 server GOTV

    HAHA, I asked about that we you fools were tearing it up. Nice work mates.
  15. Hey dudes/dudett's, James here (SSG Rashnutz/BlackViper) I've been playing with a lot of your members for almost a year now (CS:GO Comp/Pub). I thought I would drop in and say thanks for the games. You guys/gals are an amazing community and I wish there were more like yours around.