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  1. I do not see any activity on my card with regards to my refund being processed. Please let me know the status. thanks
  2. This is the response I was expecting considering your attitude in the game. Let's address this one at a time. There's that attitude that's cost the server at least two other players. I was never "pawned" on you, I picked the team that had the least number of players at the time. What you meant to say here is "My resources" because you act like everything collected is owned by you. You dictate what is kept and what is not. I however do not need to ask you or anyone for permission on what to build or craft for armor or anything for that matter when I am a contributing part of that team. Considering I contributed to a good portion of the material (that you all stole and ran off with as a matter of fact) I can make whatever i want. Maybe others do not mind being told what to do all the time but other than you being pretty good at base building, no one made you the boss. I can craft what I want when I am the one collecting the resources used to craft such items. You do understand that you and Monkey and whoever else ignored me as i was asking what was going on. I was collecting resources all the while you were taking it from me without telling me and moving to another base. No need to be a hypocrite. Some of us have a family and work for a living. I would rather not put in 35+ hours a week playing a single video game solely for the purpose of impressing you. If you and others do, then good for you and them. That still doesn't warrant the betrayal and honestly crappy behavior from some GC members. This makes no sense. We rarely if ever raid. We only slave for resources for you. Doesn't matter if I run around naked. And I honestly don't know what you are talking about with this armor. I never once tried to get anyone to wear anything I made. I made it for myself and made extras if I had some spare resources in case they are needed. With all of that said. I don't take this personally from anyone. I consider it part of the game where you get betrayed, etc. I do however think Markie's behavior has been toxic and should stop. Nor will I play with Markie on a team again in this game.
  3. I'm apologize to those who got caught up in what happened tonight. If you were not one of those grieving me, then I apologize if I killed you in the process of ending my membership with the East team. I was patient with the stealing of gear i had equipped and got from Airdrops. I was patient with the bear traps at my door. I was even tolerant of the door placed to block me in my room. The final straw was moving stuff that I helped obtain to another room and locking me out and the refusal to explain what was going on. Then taking everything, even stuff I helped get and moving into a new base and leaving all of the doors open so that the base would get easily overtaken. I'm sorry if you were not involved in that but a person can only take so much and self defense precautions had to be taken. Markie: Consider this an official warning regarding your behavior towards other players in the game. You've insulted others and myself. You've treated others poorly in ways that goes beyond the nature of the game. If you are unsure of the rules and the nature of the GC community as a whole, please ask and review the membership rules here: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/40366-joining-gamerscoalition-faq-and-dues/ The rules apply even for non members.
  4. I'm no longer on the East team. Please remove me from that roster.
  5. Count me on for the East since it has fewer members at the moment.
  6. Some clown posted this on Reddit without properly disclosing this to the developers. Nothing can be done about it now but basically your local IP is leaked in clear text via a packet capture if anyone uses in-game voice near you. They can then perform a DOS attack against you. https://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/5tpzt9/your_public_ip_address_is_visible_to_anyone/
  7. I like this one: http://oxidemod.org/plugins/fire-arrows.1574/
  8. We'll see. I had one of the stacked teams kill me in my sleep and then another kill me (who happens to be geared) while I am starving to death and naked. Unless we can get multiple people on to build soon, it will be difficult at the very least to accomplish anything when it's KOS mode.
  9. I'm not at all amused by the stacking. I may sit this out until the next wipe. I can play by myself anywhere at any time but I joined up here to not do that.
  10. I am open to any team if someone has a slot and wants to put me on it. I only play a bit during the week and during the day on the weekends. I cannot play as much as most but do squeeze in some hours. I am relatively new to the game.
  11. I know I will not like it but will try to solo play or join a group if others want to. I prefer the larger groups so as to not cripple the team because I cannot play as much as others if I do end up on a team.
  12. I'm interested in joining a team. I cannot play every day nor am I great at pvp but I'm decent at base building (i.e. okay but getting better). I enjoy resourcing, scouting, and building whatever is needed.
  13. Markie got an AD tonight. There were at least two of us on each team at the time.
  14. When I heard that you all had only the one base and didn't spread around your material to other geographical locations, I knew that what was done would be devastating. While that sort of play isn't my style, the reasoning and strategy for it was a brilliant move on the part of Ice. Kill the other team while they sleep and steal their poop. Next time you guys will know how to better build.
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