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  1. markie10

    To the East team 02/20

    what transitioned is your own fault i had this long written out thing but i said screw it and make it plain and simple, I see why you were pawned off on me 2 wipes in a row. You do not listen, You used the groups GROUPS resources to make Armor for yourself due to you wanted certain skins. You used GROUPS resources to make your own stuff after being told not to. You ignore people. Yes you did help farm but not like everyone else who played 5+ hours a day so dont get ahead of yourself. Stealing gear? noone wants the gear you made bc its tier 2 armor and weapons when we were suppose to be wearing tier 3. insulted? Explain how so
  2. markie10


    As of 11:51 2-18-17, 5 AD's, 2 kill's
  3. markie10

    Next Wipe

    In this picture, that orange X's are the examples of bases built near the captial. The 8 reps 8 squares away from the capital. the yellow is a gate and the gray are the walls. we could say only one layer of high walls and one gate allowed.
  4. markie10

    Next Wipe

    I like the idea of west vs east. but i think the capital should be in the middle of everyones buildings, and that like a real Capital we need to build around it and protect it.....
  5. markie10

    West Coast Chillin vs Beasts of the East quick votes

    3. Capital events YES/ NO if yes- same as before a 2 door capital +3 for each door destroyed and +5 for AD smoke signal capture same hours 9- 11 Saturday Nights. side note someone asked about being able to build around them..... it was already too hard / no one succeeded on the last go around......so why should we make it harder? also there should be no outside turrets(team ice) nor should you encircle the build zone and leave a "eye of the needle" passage way for attackers to go through(team fire) So we cant use high walls and honeycomb nor turrets to protect it? and almost no building near it? So just a building in the middle of nowhere
  6. markie10

    Next Wipe

    ill be there next wipe, ill continue to input ideals and stuff as i go to try and help get it populated.
  7. markie10

    Mods for server maybe

    http://oxidemod.org/plugins/nightlantern.1182/ Night Latern http://oxidemod.org/plugins/rewards.1961/ Rewards for killing stuff http://oxidemod.org/plugins/quicksort.1263/ Quicksort http://oxidemod.org/plugins/easychatcommands.2308/ Add chat commands http://oxidemod.org/plugins/timeofday.1355/ Change duration of night and day http://oxidemod.org/plugins/fancydrop.1934/ Next Level Airdrop http://oxidemod.org/plugins/bounty.1649/ Bounty http://oxidemod.org/plugins/absolutgifts.2159/ Random Gift http://oxidemod.org/plugins/betterloot.828/ Betterloot http://oxidemod.org/plugins/radtown-animals.1561/ Spawn animals at radtowns. http://oxidemod.org/plugins/boobytraps.1549/ boobytraps http://oxidemod.org/plugins/helivote.1665/ helivote http://oxidemod.org/plugins/lustymap.1333/ lustymap http://oxidemod.org/plugins/random-deployables.2187/ Random boxes. http://oxidemod.org/plugins/cornucopia.1264/ All time favorite
  8. Right now i have asus pg348q 34in curved and 2 21.5 in side monitors I am looking to replace the 21.5 with 25in+ monitors but cant really make up my mind, im looking for slim beezle to beezless monitors. price range is up to 600 usd per. any thoughts?
  9. markie10


    I liked the Ice vs Fire thing that was going on, even if i did join 3-4 days before wipe. A little bit smaller of a map would be nice. Raiding should not have a rule as it is part of the game and as someone who has played since legacy i have been offlined, camped, betrayed it is all part of the game. I wasnt there for the capital event, but i did not like how the capital was just a circle with nothing around it, Why not make it that everyone must build something there that way it is an actual capital and then it will be populated. Have you given thought to any mods? (addons for the server)