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  1. MrMonkey


    Quite a few people playing PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds! Come play! 3rd/FPS shooter with map countdown to tighten up the safe zone while playing.
  2. Hit me up in discord if there is a spot i could fill, my other league shut down with people at work and i would like to play
  3. I would love to join if there is a spot for me!
  4. Dragon, You are never alone! I had my own bouts with depression when i was 19 - 20 and i understand the difficulty of the people around you not being able to get what it is you are going through. The fact you have chosen to get help is huge, that already tells me that you know there is an issue and what is more that you would like to fix it. Sorry i don't check the forums enough or have the time to write more right now (at work) but you need to know that you do have people that care.
  5. and i understand, was expressing it's not my favorite which is nothing new. I was hoping more input on the capital as the last capitals lead to many complaints and i think the central capital can eliminate some of that.
  6. Scoring on kills from the kill notice. I dislike the scoring on airdrops as it is too hard to tell for sure and its all based on honor system, but that is nothing new. I like capital event but would rather a central capital where both teams attack the same place and attack each other for control of it. So you are not constantly balancing trying to protect your base while raid the other, its all our rush and war against each other to win the maps capital. If people want to build raid bases within a vicinity then fine but it that would need mapped out what is acceptable. Heli take down scoring is okay, but i still i think the loot is prize enough on its own and too hard to track. No neutral zone. No civilians but i would continue to implore members to attack each other as much as you want but try to take it easy on randoms so they hopefully will stay a little longer. An empty map is a boring map...
  7. MrMonkey

    Next Wipe

    It's never to early to start thinking about the next wipe! I was curious if this has been discussed yet or not? With population still rather low, i would prefer to go back to two larger teams for now. Instead of north or south, try east vs west? I know Markie had the topic going over some different mods as well....
  8. With member activities, we might as well switch to just east vs west or north vs south again right now.
  9. I made you a bed at base and completely forgot to give it you LOL
  10. That's what this run is about but if we dont have any animosity on the server then everyone gets bored. So there has to be something to shoot for / so to speak I i think our team motto may become "ask questions later", that may sow some animosity
  11. I still have to talk to ppl, my thoughts would be the following (and no i am not sold on the name and it can change lol). I'm not sure about the headhunter thing and may be more willing just to play and if we collect any skulls along the way then so be it. Primate's : tag -Prim8 MrMonkey Lunk CID Haven Jack I will check with people including like Lunk, Haven, CID, Jack etc but i'm not sure if any of these people will want to do their own thing or not. There may be enough for another team or two if you count Leon, Mustard, Zero, Skekis, Clony, ZeroDegrees, KillaJ, Slim, etc...
  12. While war and the points were fun, i feel we missed the mark on what we hoped to accomplish when we talked about things to make this more fun. Similar to your call out to GC to come help we may want to refocus on getting a larger player base in our server to keep it sustainable in such a way that we get more players returning and not so much of people wanting to quit. With that in mind i would propose the following no matter what format we use. No raiding or base camping of randoms by our community: This is purely about trying to build our server population and to encourage those oh so fickle randoms to stay at our server. (I am sure there will be exceptions when it comes to a particularly nasty random that is driving away people by being an a-hole and i am sure we would all agree of what to do about that) IF we do points, take it off your back of having to record it all and just have points that can be based off kills which are counted by the server and can be confirmed. Feels like there is a tool out there to get it to report to Forum somehow to hopefully drive randoms to the forums to check stats if they want. Could also do points on taking out chopper if that gets reported as being killed, take out points for getting loot as the loot itself should be the prize. (same for AD, the loot is the prize...no points needed) If things are team based, put some kind of scoring in place for recruitment of randoms to join your team. You get points for successfully getting those people enrolled on forums and get them to post in a thread and join discord. (Encourage competition to drive membership gains or just fill the server more) KEEP IN MIND THIS CAN BE A DOUBLE EDGE SWORD OF THE PEOPLE YOU ADD....YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THEM IN DISCORD WITH YOU!! =D Beyond those things, I think my preference would be some changes to scoring and to have more teams. Maybe 4 teams based in each corner of the map. (make an Arena in the middle of the map for all teams to raid on weekends????) I think we could go smaller, i just run into conflicted feelings on resource gathering and the like. Smaller map would lead to more conflict of players due to limited resources(fun!) but may drive off randoms if they are being attacked while resourcing constantly. Maybe try 2800 and see how it feels? 2500?
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