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Limi last won the day on March 18 2014

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    London, UK
  1. Limi

    Shirt Order and Limi

    Alas I'm stopping off in Chicago now, next year I'll hopefully make it the full distance!
  2. Limi

    FFO paid and confirmed list

    So I guess there are other people who have signed up but not said anything on this thread. Is there somewhere we can get a full list from?
  3. I'll bring Bang! and Panic Station unless someone has a copy states side to save me lugging it over the ocean.
  4. Limi

    Wild, Wild Server #2

    I wouldn't mind something in private chat to admins that it thinks someone is rushing but it itself take no action. Half the time I can't get the player name from my UI alone, I have to ask the team who it is, especially if I'm boomed or on the opposite team.
  5. Limi


    Yup all working now, cheers!
  6. Limi


    Where do we go to register? I tried to look in the store, but it just throws an error at me... http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/store/ "Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available."
  7. Limi

    Thanks Everyone

    What they all said! (Plus I'm going to kick all your asses at FFO when I'm on a half decent ping, none of this 150-200 ping malarky)
  8. Limi

    the elevator in hard rain..

    Just Maestro saying "Very nice". Unless you're hearing something I'm not
  9. Limi

    the elevator in hard rain..

    Thought i'd put this here rather than start another thread, but not entirely sure how I managed to get 9 incaps with my spitters *death* acid, either way, a 77.18 point spit... (Curse you Jerky for blocking the main spit in )
  10. Can't just RMA it again? New RMA number to start fresh?
  11. Limi

    GC Needs You!

    I have now thrown my top hat into the ring for becoming an admin.
  12. Limi

    Hotel Sharing

    I have no idea on the area, so hotel recommendations would be awesome.
  13. Limi

    2.8 Hours Later

    I think this really only affects Maestro and Static, unless there's other UK people that I don't know about, highly likely. http://2.8hourslater.com/ I volunteer as a zombie for the London games, you should come so I can chase you down... andtotallyeatyourfaceoff
  14. Limi


    Tip for all infected, if someone is being picked up, melee the incap'd player (rather than the standing player) to force the pickup bar to be reset. Can easily mean the difference between getting another spit in and not.