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  1. Geez... just saw this, hope Dragon is doing ok! Guess that is what I get when I don't visit the forum but every six months or so.
  2. Ouch....come on people! Hopefully we get some late walk-ins tomorrow. My brother and I are leaving early tomorrow morning and should be there late afternoon/early evening. I am bringing board games if that entices anyone!
  3. Any idea of how many people are coming since we are less than 1 month out? I was really hoping to see more new people and some people that we haven't seen for a while!
  4. Nice video discom and xt! Pretty cool to see it from your perspective....I have always seen it from the other end
  5. So how are we looking at turnout so far? Hopefully more than 3?
  6. Yes count me in. I own TTS but haven't played around with it too much.
  7. Who is Flitterkill? Oh...oh... that guy, yeah that is ok by me Hope you can make it this year Flitter, would be great to meet you in person. Crasx, when you said cat in your post I thought you actually meant an actual house cat at first reading and then I realized you meant WalkingCat ....so maybe he is actually your house cat too?
  8. Well this idea seemed pretty cool even though I don't play CS anymore. Too bad there wasn't enough interest to get it off the ground. I would say if xt is a team they only need to start with one territory...make them fight uphill since they would probably win anyway (unless something has drastically changed since I quit playing!)
  9. Ok so I thought I would start a list of people who have paid and are confirmed coming to FF2016. Go ahead and reply to this topic and we will start a count of who is confirmed coming. If admins would rather start an official list, that is ok too. 1) Jibbajabba 2.) The Big Boss
  10. If enough L4D2 players come it could certainly be played. I have the game (my brother does too) for example but haven't played it since it came out new and would be terrible but I am sure several other FF people have the game as well.
  11. Ok, just bought ticket for myself and my brother the BigBoss. Just to let you guys know, the hotel online rate it is giving us when using the FragFest 2016 promo was $80 per night per room before taxes/fees etc. I may just end up calling them to see if that price is correct or not. I did not reserve a room yet. I called the hotel today and received the $70/room rate as mentioned. I told them that the online rate wasn't reflecting the $70/night rate with the promo and they said they would look into it.
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