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  1. Geez... just saw this, hope Dragon is doing ok! Guess that is what I get when I don't visit the forum but every six months or so.
  2. Ouch....come on people! Hopefully we get some late walk-ins tomorrow. My brother and I are leaving early tomorrow morning and should be there late afternoon/early evening. I am bringing board games if that entices anyone!
  3. Any idea of how many people are coming since we are less than 1 month out? I was really hoping to see more new people and some people that we haven't seen for a while!
  4. Nice video discom and xt! Pretty cool to see it from your perspective....I have always seen it from the other end
  5. So how are we looking at turnout so far? Hopefully more than 3?
  6. Yes count me in. I own TTS but haven't played around with it too much.
  7. Who is Flitterkill? Oh...oh... that guy, yeah that is ok by me Hope you can make it this year Flitter, would be great to meet you in person. Crasx, when you said cat in your post I thought you actually meant an actual house cat at first reading and then I realized you meant WalkingCat ....so maybe he is actually your house cat too?
  8. Well this idea seemed pretty cool even though I don't play CS anymore. Too bad there wasn't enough interest to get it off the ground. I would say if xt is a team they only need to start with one territory...make them fight uphill since they would probably win anyway (unless something has drastically changed since I quit playing!)
  9. Ok so I thought I would start a list of people who have paid and are confirmed coming to FF2016. Go ahead and reply to this topic and we will start a count of who is confirmed coming. If admins would rather start an official list, that is ok too. 1) Jibbajabba 2.) The Big Boss
  10. If enough L4D2 players come it could certainly be played. I have the game (my brother does too) for example but haven't played it since it came out new and would be terrible but I am sure several other FF people have the game as well.
  11. Ok, just bought ticket for myself and my brother the BigBoss. Just to let you guys know, the hotel online rate it is giving us when using the FragFest 2016 promo was $80 per night per room before taxes/fees etc. I may just end up calling them to see if that price is correct or not. I did not reserve a room yet. I called the hotel today and received the $70/room rate as mentioned. I told them that the online rate wasn't reflecting the $70/night rate with the promo and they said they would look into it.
  12. So now that we are only 4 months away, is it time to get an formal actual list together of who is coming to make sure we have enough people to hold FF? When will a FF pass be available to purchase on the store etc?
  13. Sounds like my brother, the BigBoss, may be interested in coming as well if he doesn't have to work that weekend. Summer is his slow time at work so he can probably make it.
  14. Would like to make it but can't know for certain if I would be able to yet, probably won't know until May.
  15. So....any chance we may have an event in 2016?
  16. Awwe, I just hope they didn't off him yet :< Semi mini-spoiler (not major): Just so you know, the next episode is a flashback episode and has almost nothing to do directly with the current situation of Glenn or Rick, even though it was a 90 minute episode. I think it it is better that you know up front as I did, otherwise I would have been really irked expecting it to be a really important episode only to find out it is a flashback that simply fills out a character's back story. I thought the episode was ok but one of the weaker overall episodes I have seen in along time for the series. I think the placement was a poor choice unless one thing happens soon but I won't mention that possibility until you see episode 4.
  17. I think Glenn is dead. The writers/producers know they have to kill off important characters from time to time otherwise the show loses one of key aspects that make it different than all other shows, every character is at risk at any point in time. You don't even get that feeling from most movies let alone TV series. I admit that he could be alive but I would be really disappointed if they ever used this miraculous escape card again, because Glenn's situation is about as bad as we have seen on the series. Consider these points as to why he is actually dead: 1.) If he is alive, it is a miraculous escape that can never be repeated in the series. In this type of series you only get to play that card once. As much as we love Glenn, I think the writers will save that one use for Rick, Carl, or Daryl personally. If they use it here, you can't do it again in the series. 2.) Do you really believe that none of the 20 zombies surrounding Glenn didn't bite his arm or leg that would have been sticky out from under Nicholas's body? Watch it again and you see that he is completely surrounded, there is no escape lane. I am in the camp his scream was more than one of just horror but pain too. 3.) The dumpster is a popular theory but unless there is an open sewer (popular theory right now) underneath it to escape to, it would offer no real protection as zombies would crawl under from all directions to bite him too. 4.) If he does escape, through the theory mentioned above, I wouldn't be surprised if he was bitten in the process. So even if he escapes, he may be dead but it would allow some closure to his story as producers suggested we will get. The comments they made on Talking Dead were weird and I think a mistake as they give people hope that he will make it out of this unscathed. They made the statement due to viewer backlash but I think what they are implying is that Glenn will show up again in the series, maybe just not in a living form or near death which leads me to.... 5.) I think we will see zombie Glenn potentially. It has been a long time since we saw a major cast member as a walker and it needs to happen again (Merle was the last major cast member that was zombified that I remember....Shane before that). I can't think of a more tragic but powerful way for Maggie and the group to find out what happened to Glenn. It would be a sad but major meaningful moment in the series. We haven't had one of those for some time. 6.) His use of calling Rick a dumb*** was foreshadowing to me. It was his first words to Rick in episode 2 when he talked to Rick on the walkie talkie in Atlanta. I don't think they would have used that line this wasn't the end for Glenn. If Glenn survives, it really nullifies the value of him saying that. 7.) For those who know some of the comic storylines (I know some broad points but haven't read the series myself), Glenn's death would then leave quite some speculation on who takes his place in his comic book death. Consider that with Glenn out of the picture it may put Mishone or Daryl in his place. That scene, which I believe they will do nearly identical as in the comics, will also be one of the most tragic events in the series, especially if it is Daryl. 8.) Steven Yeun's name missing from the credits doesn't tell me if he is dead or alive as that can be a simple ruse to make you assume he is dead or simply the case that he is actually dead. I don't think anyone other than showrunners/cast/etc know what his name off the credits mean at this time. So there it is. I would not be disappointed if Glenn lives as I like him as a character. I would be disappointed though if they use a device like this again in the series though. Since I believe that you can only do something like this in the series once, I would have preferred it have been used on Rick or Carl since they are the main characters or on Daryl since that is the character whose real death would cause the most upheaval....
  18. Because I played Morrowind!! No the real reason is because I know how much of a time vampire they are going to be so when I load a new game I always skip over them saying I probably don't have the time to start that now lol
  19. That early October week would work for me but I don't think we are going to get anywhere close to 60 people at an event that late in the year if that is the number we need to reach. I don't think we can expect tons of first time Frag Fest attendees to all of sudden show up and fill those seats. Our best shot is to try and get members who attended several years ago to come back, along with adding some new people to the mix hopefully. Maybe a reach out campaign to people who have been to one but it has been many years etc. I know there were a couple of years there we didn't do Frag Fest and I think we saw a dramatic drop off in attendance (I may be wrong on that but I am just going from memory). On a related but separate note, is the issue that the player base for GC has expanded over the years and has become geographically more dispersed? Perhaps there are fewer gaming members from Ohio or bordering states/within reasonable driving distance as there used to be? I know I drive about 7 hours to get there and that is about as far as I would like to drive, 10 hours or more to drive and I may reconsider. I know some people fly in but the vast majority of members probably can't afford to do that. Maybe the issue is more financial as I know several people mentioned that in this thread and the prior one. Maybe there is a perception among the L4D2 crowd that it is heavily CS:GO orientated for the entire event. Maybe a combination of all the above. I don't know the financial health of the GC coffers but maybe to attract first time attendees GC can offer 20-25% off registration fee for first time attendees or fully subsidize registration fees for three or four first time attendees every year to bring new blood into the fold. Just throwing stuff out there to see what other people think.
  20. So I can't be the only one with this problem. You buy games on steam (usually at big discounts when they go on sale) but you never get to play the majority of them because life is busy. I am just now getting around to playing Borderlands 2 to show you how far behind I am. It is especially hard for me as I am a completionist so I have to finish all the DLC with most of the games as well. I have the following titles that I have bought but still haven't been able to play (major games only - I have tons of smaller games I haven't played yet either). I thought it would be fun for people to list those games you always meant to play but haven't been able to get around to it even though you own the game. Let's us see who is the farthest behind. Assassin's Creed III Fallout 3 New Vegas (I have completed the original) Bioshock games Elder Scrolls Oblivion Elder Scrolls Skyrim Witcher 2 Far Cry (at least first 2 games maybe the third too) That is all I can remember off the top of my head without being at my computer at home.
  21. That or they don't want us back this year...
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