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  1. I mostly play the M16, or the AK47 (not counting the given Tier 1 weapons in the safe room); so I can't speak for any of the AWP players here
  2. Yea, I fixed my resolution last week, Soda. Here is a recent clip post-change: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1943813097 Do you know how to make my mic volume louder? For some reason, my streams capture the voices of everyone else on Discord perfectly; but yet the volume of my mic is MUCH lower compared to my Discord friends + the actual gameplay. It's a desktop computer (Mac 10.15 Catalina) btw.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to double-check because I have this as recorded proof: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1936254278 I finally got caught within the last 30 seconds of this fun clip, and I CLEARLY bought an emergency escape here; but it didn’t work. Normally, I’d ignore this error because the buy menu isn’t always going to function or register; but this is the 3rd time TODAY that the emergency buy failed on me. There were no nearby 2nd SI attacking me when I got pinned for at least 2 of those 3 instances; so I should’ve escaped here since I spent those 10 points. Does the emergency escape suddenly not work now?
  4. Lengthy gimmick rounds can be quite fun when they aren't cut short. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1922606187 For the record, that wasn't the stream being laggy. The server was REALLY laggy, and it legitimately came close to crashing a few times xd
  5. There's also the fact that we can now see everyone type !buy and !up on the chat whenever the buy menu gets used.
  6. Welcome to the GC servers btw, Lego Post Malone! It's been cool seeing more new(er) regular players become an active part of the GC community lately.
  7. I know this may be off-topic, but welcome to the GC servers! It's always nice seeing newer players join our servers and (quickly) become regular players in the game who could potentially end up being GC members nearly a DECADE after the 1st server started Anyway, you can hide in the safe room when the door is open, but at least you know now that we can't spawn inside the safe room when the door is closed
  8. Witchfest was easily the most fun game mode of the night! It's fun for both teams, and we should definitely have that mode more often on the servers. I guess the mode where the Infected were set on low gravity was 2nd place for me
  9. Alright, I've tried to be mostly silent about this over the past few years, but what just happened moments ago finally pushed me to make a thread about it here. I've been called a "troll" by a certain admin since mid-2018 (at least) for using different gameplay tactics than his, or just for playing well in general. I could be earning myself tons of points playing as a Boomer for my team, but yet it's somehow unacceptable because Boomers "don't do much damage" on the Survivors (even though blinding them allows the other SI to pin them with their attacks more easily). I could be setting up for some high pounces (and possibly landing them too for bonus damage/points), but yet it's somehow wrong because you're apparently "not doing anything for your team" if you're pouncing your way up to a high point of the map. Hell, I'm not as fond playing as on the infected side as I do playing as Survivors; but there's something I really do look forward to every time I play on the Infected side, and that's playing hide-and-seek inside the ending safe room as a Hunter. I don't do that to intentionally troll my team at all. I only do that because I think it's fun to do, especially when you're on the Infected side and you're getting dominated by the Survivors. Apparently, you can still get kicked for finding some way to have (more) fun playing on (the) Infected side. I might not be the strongest player on the GC servers, but I do think that I'm good enough to do plenty of damage in the game and I do try to have fun playing in the servers after playing there for nearly 6 years now. However, Mercman claims that I'm a "troll," which is why he's kicked multiple times over the past couple of years and it's usually for petty reasons too. Anyway, back to the question for this thread for anyone here who's reading this. Am I seriously a troll, and was I really trolling my team intentionally on this round down below? Here is the round i'm talking about on the 4th chapter of The Parish: I apologize for the lack of audio here, but you can still see everything that went down from MY perspective; which is really important here since my status as a "troll" is under question. I ended up getting kicked by Mercman DURING this good round I had, so I didn't even get to finish it. I had 40+ SI kills too, and I was one of the handful of players that was making the most points on the Survivor round while Mercman spent most of the 2nd half of that round doing nothing to help us in the back. We ended up getting stuck on that chokepoint for several minutes due to multiple smokers, several Jockeys, and a few Chargers too. No matter how hard I tried to cross that bridge, I STILL couldn't make it across because I had bad luck getting caught. Hell, I even rushed the bridge at one point, and I STILL somehow got caught and dragged down. I wasn't the only player who was struggling in the back too, so if I can't be the only "troll" too (and they're not trolls too). For the record, it's pretty funny that Mercman keeps calling me a "troll" (along with a few other players too), but yet he can never come up with a valid/good explanation each time he makes such a bold claim. Unfortunately, my highlight clip doesn't show it, but Mercman was talking some serious trash to me, Joda, and Meng throughout the 2nd half of that Survivor round; which will be demonstrated soon by Joda (and anyone else) who recorded soon on this thread. Plus, there's plenty of witnesses that saw Mercman abusing his power by kicking out Meng too for standing up for Joda and me . That wasn't even it too. He even banned Meng permanently (for being an "donkey hole") , and he banned me for a week (for being a "troll'); which is further demonstrated by the banning databases. I can't speak for all of you, and I don't know what everyone else thinks of me as a player; but I am NOT a troll. Mercman, you're an old, corrupted, bitter admin who continuously abuses your power as an admin, and you DESERVE to have your adminship revoked (especially recently). You're a big reason why Meng (a beloved admin of ours) doesn't play on GC much nowadays. What just happened to me a few moments ago is without a doubt the most ridiculous kick (s) I've ever witnessed out of the entire 6 years I've played on the GC servers, and definitely the most classless act I've seen by an admin. I get along with pretty much all of the admins on the GC server EXCEPT for you, and I'll be damned if my time as an active GC member finally came put to an end because of your terrible attitude and your horrible behavior. PLEASE pardon my crude language here to everyone else seeing this, but f*ck you, 'pal'.
  10. I’m fine with the point system for the current Chargers atm. They still do plenty of damage on the survivors to compensate for the reduced points (from charger punches before the update years ago). As for the Jockeys, I just wish they were easier to shoot and to shove away. How much damage do they even make from a rocket Jockey anyway? It feels like they take away a good chunk of your health off a lucky landing
  11. I've been getting large ping spikes lately on the servers. I could be playing normal for one moment around 60 ping, but then instantly freeze the next moment with a sudden spike to 1000+ ping. There's been plenty of times where my game would freeze for 30+ seconds with 1000+ ping during a round before my ping finally falls back to under 100, and I'm back to playing normal temporarily. Plus, my game loads more slowly during the loading screen, and sometimes the rounds would have already started by the time I finally load in. I don't think the awful lag with the high ping spikes and the slow loading are coming from my end because my game was already running fine for YEARS now (for the most part) before any of these problems started happening 1.5 weeks ago; which is around the same time that server 1 started having even more issues. I'm not the only one who's been lagging badly too on the servers btw. Plus, server 1 keeps swapping scores 80% of the time each round too.
  12. I'm just hoping that we end up getting more new players to stick around in order to become regular players (while also keeping our servers full). I think there's been more newer players lately, which is a good sign! Plus, I'm hoping that this website revives soon with a positive update. I remember this place being a fun forum that had plenty of activity years ago.
  13. Alright, I'll participate because I do like and respect you, Looney Plus, I do appreciate this fun idea of yours. I'll keep it simple. Let's see: - I like playing Left 4 Dead still (even in small doses) - I like playing on the GC servers with plenty of you folks - I like playing on the GC servers when there's a good portion of players - I like using the M16 and the AK-47 as my favorite assault rifles to use in the game - I like killing a lot of zombies - I like earning my headshots in the game - I like surviving with my team for a long period of time - I like killing the Special Infected in mid-air - I like buying the Death Check for the BENEFIT of the WHOLE team - I like spending most of the time playing as the Survivors for a game session - I like playing Dark Carnival, The Parish, The Sacrifice, Swamp Fever, Dead Center, Hard Rain, sometimes Crash Course, and sometimes No Mercy (ESPECIALLY the first 3 campaigns I mentioned) - I like earning multiple achievements in the game - I like using the Boomer and the Hunter as my favorite 2 Special Infected in the game - I like puking on multiple survivors as the Boomer without rocket spawning (aka "Vanilla Booming") - I like attempting to rocket spawn in unusual curves in the air as the Boomer too while also successfully blinding the survivors - I like earning my high pounces as the Hunter (preferably 20+ damage pounces) - I like playing hide-and-seek with some of you fun peeps in the safe room - I like streaming on Twitch while I play on the GC servers (but I still need help getting the audio to work) - I like playing with you folks around the weekend time - I like buying Witches when the server is mostly empty, when both teams have a decent/good number of bots, or when the other team is CLEARLY vulnerable and weak (to the point where buying anything more severe is unnecessary) - I like throwing rocks at the survivors and successfully hitting players with it Anyway, the holiday season makes me feel warm, comfortable, and happy since I spend more time with my family along with other folks I care about. Having more days off because the semester has finished is always nice. Plus, I can play on GC in peace around Christmas time knowing that there aren't any assignments that are due (or that I must remember to do). The number that I will pick as part of your challenge is 69. For the record, if I SOMEHOW manage to win this challenge, I would like to donate my newly won GC membership to Dr. Sunshine because I sincerely believe that she deserves it, and I do genuinely believe that she's earned it for YEARS now. With that being said, Happy Holidays you maniacs
  14. ^ Can we get this please? Also it would be nice to get points by doing chain charges, that would encourage players to do some chain charging. With all the nerfs that the chargers are getting, can we maybe at least change the 0.40 per damage to 0.60 maybe? No, there's already enough chain charges in the game already. There's no need to encourage players to do any more of that. Besides, these chains weren't even intended to be in the game to begin with.
  15. I don't really have a problem with the points boomers get nowadays. I think they're fine enough already, but I know the OP's idea won't sit well with someone now that he brought up the boomers lol
  16. Welcome back! You're right. I agree with that last statement: t It does feel good to be back home
  17. Wow, I guess it'll be safer continuing this hiatus then
  18. Congrats, Neppy!! I’m glad to know that you’re happy and doing very well. I know you’ll raise him well. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7nC66R-E1Pw/UHQ-_t1-xYI/AAAAAAAACYk/vS_v9xZdcEM/s1600/09.jpg Nice, baby too
  19. There's this one from January. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/114866220
  20. Here's another twitch vid: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211875273 It's still closely related to the topic. I won't spoil it for you folks, but I will say that there were plenty of fails here
  21. It's been a while since I've uploaded highlighted clips, so I'm back with more Twitch vid presentations! Check out this fun clip of mine https://www.twitch.tv/videos/210231907 Meh, not sure if this qualifies as a "Death Charge" highlight; but it's pretty damn closely related though! Edit: Teleporting those who survive the falls makes these charger dodgeball rounds more interesting rather than just slaying them immediately.
  22. Awesome news: Thanks to Clony, the black graphics from my Twitch stream are officially GONE NOW!! Feel free to stop by and watch whenever you feel like it. Should be much more watchable now :)

    1. Meng


      Yay, will check it when I can, if I'm not also ingame.

  23. Alright, I was planning on posting this much later you know; but screw it, I'll complete my post while this thread is still hot. Here's a heads up though: I like to write alot When and how did you find out about GC? And which game did/do you play on? How long have you been gaming on GC overall? Believe it or not, I didn't start playing L4D2 on PC. My background of playing this game goes back as far as L4D in 2008 on Xbox 360. I remember when my cousin visited my house to sleep over, and he brought the original L4D game with him. He was the one who introduced the L4D series to me. I was so fascinated by the zombie-horror apocalypse-theme due to how scary the first few experiences were for me (mostly because of my first encounters with the witch and tank), and how there were even multiple types of special infected. I remember being so amazed that you could even play from the Infected side because many games would have the player only play from the perspective of the zombie killers. Fast forward to November 2009: I bought L4D2 one week after it first came out because I was that much of a fan of this series. I couldn't play Versus mode online though because I didn't have Xbox Live yet, so I'd have myself practice this game-mode by playing split-screen on Versus mode offline where I could play survivors on one controller and my sister/cousin/or myself play on the other controller. I'd also watch multiple Youtube clips (Criken2 and darksydephil; anyone else remember those L4D Youtubers several years ago?) and see footage of other players playing Versus mode, especially watching from the perspective of the infected side. I also remember watching some clips of 10v10 games dating as early back as 2009, and the 12-year old player in me wanted to experience playing in these servers dating as far back as 2009 (little did I know then that this would eventually come to reality several years later, that I'd end up playing on these servers for multiple years, and that I'd even be STREAMING it too). Anyways, watching these clips was a good way for me to use Versus tactics and ambushes that I would later use when I eventually played online. I'd play Versus mode for the first time ever a month later when I got Xbox Live 12-month membership for Christmas. I was hooked playing this game online ever since then. Fast forward to the summer of 2014: At this point, I've already played in multiple L4D/2 groups, and I've had plenty of fun with them. However, all of them would eventually drift apart or stop playing so I'd spend those previous 2 years trying to play Versus mode by myself for the majority of that time. The problem was that I couldn't even play L4D2 online that often on my Xbox 360 because I kept lagging really badly. Yes, I even lagged frequently as early back as late-2012. The gameplay with the horrible lag was so unplayable that I had to stop playing L4D2 as often as I did in my earliest years. I almost quit playing this game multiple times, but I never gave up hope of playing L4D2 completely. As I said earlier, I realized how much I still wanted to play L4D2 Versus in June 2014. However, because I was unable to do this on my Xbox 360 without lagging horribly, I knew I had to play on a different system (which ended up being on the computer/PC). That wasn't all though. At this point, I suddenly became more interested than I ever was before in finally getting the chance to play 10v10 Versus. I remember making my Steam account (mostly because my high school friends told me to make one so that I could play with them) a year earlier, but I never actually played a game on there. I began installing L4D2 that month, and I'd have myself play Versus mode for a few hours because I was aware that it wouldn't be a good idea to start playing on a 10v10 server when I had no clue how to use the PC controls. I had to spend some time transitioning myself from a former Xbox player to a new PC player. Once I was finished with this short task, I eventually tried searching for a 10v10 server that I've been wanting to play for a long time. This brings me to the first part of the question: No, I didn't find out about GC before I first joined. I discovered it myself after searching for a 10v10 server. I'd actually find myself playing on a few servers like this on my first month, but the GC 10v10 server appealed to me the most. I joined GC for the first time in June 2014, which means that I've been playing here for 3 years-and-a-half; and I've had plenty of fond memories on here since then. 2. Share about your very first day on GC or just your first month or so, how did it go? Whether good or bad, let’s hear it from you. I remember my first day on here. I joined on the 4th chapter of Blood Harvest (one of the crappy maps). I think I played on the survivor round first because I remember pressing the bot vocals multiple times, and I recall that I wasn't the only one doing it. Shortly after this, I heard a voice that would eventually become a familiar sound on here to this very day; it was Maestro's voice. He was telling us to stop pressing the buttons for the bot vocals because it was considered to be spamming. I knew right away that I shouldn't be doing this since it was against the rules. I also learned soon after that cursing, rushing, griefing, intentionally stacking, making naughty sprays, etc, were all against the rules. Overall, I had a decent experience on my first day here. I didn't get myself kicked or banned, I learned how to use the !buy menu along with the rest of the exclusive GC features eventually, and I've obviously came back to play more GC games since then; so everything turned out well for me at least. Some of you might not remember this, but I didn't become a member here right away. I played on here for several months as a non-member. Yes, you heard me. I played as a non-member on GC for my first SEVERAL MONTHS. I used to be that guy who kept getting kicked out of the server by other members due to no membership. I think the reason why I was stubborn not to get a membership myself is because I didn't think it was that necessary for me to spend some money just so that I can play in general. It wasn't until March 2015 that I finally became a GC member, so my long streak (going back as early as June 2014) of struggling to stay and play as a non-member finally came to end. I think Pump was the one who gave me the membership in March 2015. Who knows, maybe it was someone else; but I have a good feeling it was him. No worries though, I've bought my memberships myself starting on the following year. Another note that I'd like to add is that I used to be so determined to not buy a laser at all for almost my first 3 years here. I'd only use them whenever they spawned in the map. The only exception I made on buying a laser was when I originally had a weapon that had laser-sights (which were found in the level) but lost it when I picked up another version of the same weapon or picked up a superior weapon. The reason why I was so hell-bent on not buying laser sights was because of multiple reasons. I never felt the need to add something to my assault rifles going back as early as my Xbox 360 days. I thought it was kinda lazy to just have a red dot do all the aiming for you instead of your eyes without the laser sights. I thought it was more impressive killing a special infected (especially if it was far away) without using lasers. I didn't think it was that necessary to buy a laser sight in order to be a strong player, and I also wanted to prove that you could do well without using them at all. The problem was that no matter how many good rounds I had without using a laser sight, whatever success I had without them was ignored. I was always going to be viewed as a "rookie" or looked down upon for not buying a laser sight. I remember I finally snapped out of my no-laser dedication last March when someone described me as a player who plays like a rookie. That's when I gave up and started buying laser sights. I started doing that several months ago, and that hasn't stopped since then. Although on hindsight, I'm kinda glad I started buying them. It used to be a major headache attempting to kill a special infected without using a laser sight, and it usually took me more effort just to shoot my targets; so I guess buying them worked out well for me too. I can thank that anonymous person for making me snap for the better. One thing is for certain though: I sure as hell am not using binds anytime soon. I mean it though. I can definitely live without using them on the server. 3. Tell me about friends you have made while playing our servers and what roles did they have into making you have fun gaming in general. I made several friends, and I've managed to get along with several players on the server. Many of them I chat with on the Discord voice chat channel, or on the text page. There's even some others that I've private messaged on Steam, and those that I occasionally communicate with on my Twitch chat channel. I appreciate those friends along with the other friendly people on GC for attempting to make my experience in the servers fun for me, and for being patient with me even when I feel frustrated for whatever reason. They know exactly who they are. I have Red Devil to thank for being the one to help me learn how to improve myself as a player in the server, such as learning how to curve while I'm flying as a hunter. I have Shaf to thank for making me play full games during a time in summer 2015 when I spent most of my time playing on the empty server because he told me that I'd become a stronger player by doing this. He was right. Starting in August 2015, I saw myself get stronger as a player. If I were to grade myself overall as a player now, I'd give myself a B+ that can be an A- when I'm really on point with my accuracy. I'd also like to take the time to talk about this anonymous person. I remember my first friendly interactions with this said individual, which dates back as early as January 2015. We've been in really good terms for years now, and I'm hoping that this doesn't change anytime soon because that's a big fear of mine; especially with some changes that have been taking place recently. I won't reveal the identity of this friendly person, so that anonymous individual has nothing to be afraid of. However, I will say that he/she was feeling at a low point earlier this year; and I comforted that person over on the phone even while he/she was at work. This is the only GC member that has my phone number. I have great respect for this person, and at this point, I know this individual has great respect for me too. Fast forward to today in December, and I'm happy to say that this friendly person is doing much better with one's life because of some positive changes that's occurred since then, so I want this individual to know (if you're reading this) that I had your support before in the past and I'll continue to support you along with those positive influences of yours myself if you ever feel like you need it. I'll always be there for you mi comprade For the record to those of you that I am often hard on in the server (and they probably know who they are), I don't hate any of you personally. That'd be silly of me because I'm sure that you are all cool people outside of the game. We might be in one community that comprises of different people who have various opinions, intentions, gameplay, attitudes, etc. but I consider all of you to be family (and that includes those that I'm usually tough on). Just like families, there are going to be conflicts; and just like families, we're all in this together. Hopefully, you all understand that for future references and that I made this clear for you already. 4. What keeps you coming back to play GC? There are plenty of factors that keep me coming back to play GC. For one, I like playing with fun players/people on the server that entertain me with the occasional banter. I definitely enjoy killing special infected because there is just something about doing this that is addicting and satisfying for me. I also enjoy Twitch streaming while I play on the server, especially while I voice chat with some friends of mine on Discord in mid-game. Believe it or not, I also enjoy playing on Infected too; but only when I earn tons of points or do plenty of damage on the survivors or both a .How has GC affected you as a person, whether big or small, share about it. GC has affected me in the sense that I can make my voice be heard when I don't say much in chat, or even anything verbally in-game at all. It's also allowed me to be more helpful to newer players who actually want to learn more about the server, who actually are willing to help out the team, and who actually are willing to follow the rules. It's also still affecting me in a way that I'm still learning to strengthen my tolerance for any pet peeves I have. b. What are some fond memories that you can recall on while playing games on GC servers? Any funny ones? Any sad ones? I'll just start out with some "sad" ones, such as dying early for whatever reason, inadvertently getting the team killed, getting kicked for whatever reason, being banned 3 times this year because of wrongdoings, disappointing a respected member for whatever reason, lagging horribly time-to-time, losing internet/network connection, failing some Infected attacks, failing as a tank, frustrating other members for whatever reason, being targeted on by multiple players on the infected team (especially by charger players, chain charges, chain smokes, and chain pounces) etc. Now that I got the bad stuff out of the way, here are my good parts Fond memories I have while playing on here includes: Winning a membership last year by coming in 2nd place in the Killing Peanut competition, recently ranking up in the Top 10 of the server just last week after playing here for 3+ years, killing 96 Special Infected WITHOUT using lasers, earning my top record of killing 125 Special Infected in a 43 minute round last June, having 20+ successful rock hits, etc. My personal fond memories I have from the GC community is the support and well wishes some of you gave me when I graduated high school over 2 years ago, and when my sister graduated high school earlier this year. I appreciate that coming from you folks Keisuke, on 02 Dec 2017 - 09:19 AM, said: Funny ones: the hunter high pounces training with Soosage when the server is empty... ooh and that crazy round with 28 defibs (I saw the video and counted it, because I joined at half round and wanted to know how many defibs were made and to see how the round had been before I joined Oh, you mean THIS classic round that I also just happened to be streaming on Twitch live? It's my favorite gem out of the highlights I have https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154017777 c. What song reminds you of GC? I like this song, and I believe it fits the GC community along with the L4D2 game really well. I recommend you to give this a listen. The title is E for Extinction by Thousand Foot Krutch v. What is a goal you want to accomplish next year? And for those who play L4D2, what is something you want to work on getting better at in the game? My personal goals include surviving my tough classes for next year, and successfully paying for them too. Another goal I'd like to accomplish next year is to find a way to get my mic working again because it hasn't been ever since I moved to my new house here over 2 months ago. Others were able to hear me talk in-game before I moved, but now they can't hear me talk at all again. This is something that I really want to take care of soon enough. I'd like to strengthen my tolerance for any pet peeves I have, and to control myself more in the game. I'd like to make to make it to the end of next year without once going through the slammer unlike this year. Another goal I'd like to accomplish is to send points quicker than I currently do, and to be quicker with my aim on shooting the Special Infected. I'd also like to find a way to eliminate the black graphics that block the Twitch screen in my footage while I stream the game. Finally, I'd like to improve on my Charger attacks since I already feel good about my gameplay as a Boomer and as a Hunter. Wow, this was long. Here's another one of my classic FUN FACTS, everyone: Writing all this fun crap down took me more time than I did writing each of my first 3 Papers for History of Civilization
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    Yea, I knew that you was when we were playing out there in the server. Your forum name was familiar. Welcome back
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