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  1. Maestro  I can do the 10 bucks a month for the server costs


  2. I hate getting shot while the survivor is looking the other way
  3. Update Reinstalled Win 10 and it works now
  4. Well i plan on reinstalling win 10 and see what that does
  5. some where here i think I think i chuck it with all the old game cds i had didnt think id need them ever
  6. tried all the you tube videos also
  7. i will try this and let you know steam support is useless Thanks Maestro EDIT Nope didnt work I was using URuninstaller to delete steam and l4d2 but didnt make any difference with revo
  8. lefr 4 dead 2 wioll not start for me. I click paly and it says lauching but goes back to the play button No error message I use to be able to start it from soure bancs but cant anymore Problem started when i started l4d2 and stopped before it actually launched and it has not stared since(sat night 1=14=2024 Ive tried reinstalling at least 3 times now reinstall steam 2 but same result vid 3.mp4
  9. never used an awp AK is a better weapon to protect your team mates and kill common infected I care my about protecting my teammates as opposed my point count Get rid Of CSGO weapons is my vote If you want to use CSGO weapons go play CSGO ?
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/70/HalfLife/ Until ???
  11. no ---->>>> pineapple ( or broccoli ) does not go with pizza pepperoni does
  12. Tandem: A Tale of Shadows The Evil Within 2
  13. Jackie, hope all is well. Miss having you around
  14. Thanks for putting it back to normal
  15. actually i think 3 points for ledge is ok
  16. Picking up an incapped survivor need to be changed back to what it has been for 15 years 3 Points!!!!!!!
  17. check it out to see if you have any unclaimed property. I had some cash that was unclaimed
  18. new  address   is      l4d2.gcftw.com:27016


    type        connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27016         in console



  19. Mercman

    New GC VDS

    thanks CiCi and Filter
  20. The Elder Scrolls Online Fee Epic GAME store free until July 27 11 am est
  21. Free on epic store Payday 2 until June 15th 1059AM
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