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    Hey Lilly, you don't need to worry about anything anymore because.... I have your back :)


    I have this advice whenever you get tank: Just stop, keep calm, and THROW ROCKS. Do what I invented ;)



    Thanks so much, Carlos, for your patience with me!  I started throwing rocks now, still miss a lot, will definitely practice more.. ><



    It is NEVER acceptable for people to tell you or anyone they "should not play because they are bad, or that they should go !afk because "please don't waste a tank" or that they "should play in another server because there are plenty of servers to practice in.""


    Not acceptable


    If it does happen, admins should be handling it.  I believe they usually do, but if you think they are not, please contact me.


    GC is welcome to all players regardless of "skill" level and regardless of how "new" they are to the game.  It is a place where people can play games without being ridiculed or cursed at or bullied.  All members should not only be aware of this, but they should be helping to enforce it.  


    Remember, we are playing an "old" game now (L4D2).  In addition to the reasons above, t is also in all or our self-interests to bring in new players.  We were all new once.  If we don't bring in new players to replace the ones that leave, the game will go away.


    I will contact you directly to see if I can help further.


    I'm so sorry, Peanut.  I didn't mean to call anybody out with this post...wasn't my purpose.  


    Like I mentioned earlier, I just wanted to explain myself because I feel a few admins who joined the game later were taken back because of my catty attitude towards a player who died right outside the saferoom.  I guess I wanted to give the player a taste of his own medicine by repeating the words he said to me earlier... but it wasn't 100 percent the right thing to do either on my part.


    I really appreciate your kindness.

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  2. Sorry to read that people were saying those things, Lilly. :(   People should certainly be more respectful.




    Thank you, Dixie!  So sorry for the rant, most people here have been extremely patient with me, which I really appreciate.



    i always feel the urge to nitpick about wasted tanks, even tho my tank play has always been a pile of manure.

    aww.. I certainly don't mind any nitpicking or somebody telling me that I should get that dumpster behind the alley or get up here to throw rocks.  I get disoriented easily so I would benefit from advice like this. >_<
  3. I've been playing on this server for almost two years now, while I may not be as good as some of you and my tanks almost always suck, I never once told anybody that they should not play because they are bad, or that they should go !afk because "please don't waste a tank" or that they "should play in another server because there are plenty of servers to practice in."  Multiple players said this to me today and others have in the past, including members, and the fact that there were admins present and did nothing about it was hurtful to me...


    However this is not the reason I'm writing this post.  I'm writing to apologize for earlier tonight if I sounded awfully sarcastic towards the same player who died early in game.  I'm merely repeating exactly what he said to me (i.e., "aww why don't you go !afk or play in another server?").  I feel that admins who were not there earlier to witness his negativity were taken back, but rest assured I would never, ever say such thing to a new player.  


    And... his reaction was priceless.  =p



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  4. Hey... It's a shame that this has to be my first post on this forum.  Just reading the chat history, I almost feel bad for deadlock because of how inappropriately this situation has been handled...  For the longest time, he is not allowed to know the details of his ban which apparently is still inconclusive.  Not only that, the admin's response to him trying to seek his justice hasn't been the most respectful (i.e., 'I don't answer dumb questions', 'I don't have time for you', 'go play cs go'). 


    I don't pretend to know how it feels like being an admin, but as a member of this server, I just hope that you (and by this, I mean all the admins) genuinely cared about your members.  We are people, too, people with stressful lives who feel spending a few hours on the server killing zombies and conversing with friends a nice way to pass time.  And no, just simply saying you love us all isn't enough to cut it. 


    Anyways.... other than that I really enjoyed playing with everybody on the server. and thanks again for putting up with my poorly played Tanks.   :\

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