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  1. What have you tried? I'm not an expert with this stuff but a friend I had once used to make me adjust packet and frame sizes.

    What is your ping normally?

    Do you get any errors in conosle?

    My ping is usually at 140 - 160. (Sometimes higher when others are using the internet)

    I never actually *checked* the console for errors after I received "Client Timed out" error.

    I did the temp fix of deleting clientregistry.blob and let it reinstall. I've tried add +port 27015,

    I've set my DX level, lowered my Video settings. And a few other things that I *may* have done

    but don't remember.

  2. Okay, so this has been around since I recently re-installed L4D2 the other month. As some of you may know, when I rejoined the community last year, I was active at almost every chance I could get, and play for hours on end without leaving. Well, shortly after I reinstalled the game after deleting it some time about 5 months ago, it started to give me this "Client timed out" where it would just straight up kick me out of the game. (It's starting to become very annoying) I was wondering if anyone else was getting this time out issue for no reason at all, and found a permanent, if not temporary solution to get rid of. I'd like to play on the server(s) for hours without getting kicked off for 10 minutes due to client time out issues. 


    *Do not advise "Get better internet"* My internet is good, and always has been. 

  3. Morning/Evening, what ever it is over there for you. :b 


    (Free to play)



    I've been working on this for about 2 and a half weeks now, and It's been going great. (with obvious slacking in the middle)

    And tested it out multiple times before deciding when to have a public release. It's playable, and it's stable. With little to known

    bugs left and right, the only thing I see wrong with this right now (Aside animations and a bunch of other missing things that should be 

    done) is the teleporting issue. Sometimes, going up and down stairs in the map while slender man teleports, there's always a slight 

    chance of him teleport right in front of you or behind you. It's a nav mesh volumne bug that's in the map, that I will do my best to

    fix in future updates. This is just a 1 month game project, based on the Slender man games you see around the internet. 

    So it's just a main menu and a 1 map to play on. I uploaded the project to gamejolt this morning, and awaiting for comments/ratings

    on how to improve the game, or just have people point out problems left and right so I can fix them. >.> 




    Gamejolt is a website that runs many games that people create during there free time. These are indie-type games so don't expect

    and Triple A games or anything. >.>

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  4. Hey. Idk if anyone remembers me (That knew me any ways). Became 95% inactive about 5+ months ago. I'm back now. =PP Should be back in-game by tomorrow or tonight.


    My membership expired. ;-; I'll probably buy it again in a couple weeks.  :ph34r:

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  5. So, earlier while playing on one of the L4D2 servers.


    Derpz asked if I get off the team cause he was AFK.


    I replied "I'm not leaving the team, you left, I joined."


    I didn't mean to sound mean. But was that really necessary


    to kick me for "attitude."


    (No idea who kicked me, 2 maybe more admins were online)

  6. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I played here. :P I played once a couple weeks ago but only for about 3 rounds. But before that, it's been a few months. Can't remember when exactly. But I'm back :P I'll be more active here. 


    Got myself a new Graphics card & more memory (RAM) :D


    GeForce GTX 960 

    8 GB RAM

    Intel® Core i5-4440s @ 2.80GHz

  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    1) Smoker suggestion(s)


    (When a survivor gets pulled, the smoke can move away/around using the regular movement keys.)

    I've seen this on some servers before I believe and I think it'd be a great idea to add to the server.


    (The closer you are to the survivor, the faster they get pulled in. The further they are, the longer it takes to pull them in.)





    2) Hunter suggestion(s)


    (When they pounce a survivor, they press crouch key, with maybe a 2 - 3 second delay to jump off the survivor.)




    3) General suggestion(s)


    The !heal delay, I dislike that it has a 3 second accidental buy protection. how about have a option or something so

    players can choose how long they want it for. This accidental buy protection timer has gotten me killed a couple times before.




    How about a 3rd server with custom campaigns?


    Here's a list of my favorite campaigns :P


    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2915  - C (silent fear l4d2)

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9419  -C (Legoh hard rain)

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2802 -C (Kokiri forest)

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/7672 -C (Deaht mountain)

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2839 -C ( Crash Bandicoot: The Return of Dr. Cortex)

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2441 -c (back to Blood harvest )

    http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2524 -C (left 4 mario)


  8. Tutorial (I'm in school just trying to kill time tell I get to go home and join the servers)


    1. New to the left 4 dead 2 servers? Ever wondered how to use points or give them to players that need them?


    Simply type in (!buy to open the store)


    Or (!give (any random number without brackets then the players name with a space in between) to send points to players.


    Want to switch special infected? Just hit the right button on your mouse button.


    Want to fly around while you're still in ghost mode? Press R while moving on solid ground.



    Tricks that might come in handy later (infected)(my opinions and tricks)


    Dead centre - 1st mission (charger smoker jockey, usually chargers get most kills here)


    When the survivors are walking by a window, try to align yourself and make sure you're looking towards the window aiming to charge outside. Don't move or look around. Get ready to charge as the survivors are walking by. Don't attack the first one, always aim after the group in the middle unless the first set of survivors walk into the room you're in. Then just charge! 75% of the time you'll get a survivor out the window and give chargers an opportunity to go after others while they're on the ground getting up after being charged In a group (if you know what I mean, typing this half tired so try to bare with me) I'll write more when I'm not lazy xD


    Same mission but for survivors


    As you're walking down the hallway, crouch and walk slowly so the infected can't find you, or catch exactly where you're at.


    Snipers - make sure you're in the back of the group and not in the front or in the middle


    Assault guns - stick to the middle and when you see special infected. Crouch and shoot for better accuracy.


    Shotguns - stay In the front watch you're corners. Shotguns are best to be in the front where most of the action is.

  9. Thanks for the welcomes :)

    And Jackie, I managed to get on not too long later and was able to join with my team again. That was unexpected that someone was going to join right at that moment. lol but anyways, I am currently at school and I'll be back on the server in about 1:50 - 1:40 minutes :)

  10. Hello, just a random thread since I'm sure not a lot of community members know me yet in the L4D2 gamrs.co servers.

    Anyways, My name is Denny.


    I'm always in the left 4 dead 2 gamrs.co servers, usually on when ever I can be actually.

    I'm skilled at sniping but I could be a little to cocky a times when it comes to "being careful"


    Some players should know me by now. I've had 2 bans so far, but no more should appear

    in my list of bans. I enjoy the server a lot, so I'll see who ever's in game later. :)


    18 years old,

    You'll rarely hear me talk unless I have my headset set-up, or if I'm actually getting to into the game.



        - D3NNYM41C01M l D3

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