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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, To be frank, I don't want this to be a rant. I understand that board members may have stuff to do. I am just curious and concerned as to whether my registration went through. A few of my gc friends say they got their membership verified very early, within 10 hours. And I haven't gotten mine in 12+ hours. I've received an email that my membership is pending. So I was suggested that I post on forums about it, so here I am. If needed: Name: Ebahtee B This is my Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79696736 (Mtea) Thanks.
  2. First a little backstory. For those who don't know I work for a photographer and we started producing videos for some of our corporate clients. We've upgraded our computers, got the software and dove into the world of video production. So far we've been able to keep up with our work, but with the demands of the studio and photography I have had very little time to actually learn Final Cut, Premier or After Effects. There just isn't enough time during the day for me to complete my work THEN move into learning video. We've taken on an intern which later became an regular employee, but we had to let him go recently because some of our regular work was cancelled. Anyways, so since things are tight right now with the studio it's falling to me to pick up the slack. Which, I don't mind because I've really wanted to pick this up since we've started, but I don't want to just watch tutorials and learn the software not to be able to produce anything. So, I had an idea to produce a weekly Youtube Gamers Coalition show. This show would help drive people to GC and help keep those who are already in GC up-to-date on whats going on. Each episode will be posted in the forums and of course will have a Youtube channel that will archive them. The episodes will be short to begin with. Until more members are contributing it will basically be just me commentating on the news that I can talk about. I'm hoping that members will help keep me up-to-date on whats going on so that I can turn around and comment on it in the show. For example. Turnbull does a lot of mapping and that would be a segment in the show. I can show-off his current work and showcase it along with the link to the workshop page so that ppl can subcribe and comment. The show could be a good place to talk about Frag-fest, the changes on the servers, new servers, new games, whatever we want to showcase. I hoping this will build membership, viewership and the community itself. I just about have everything I need to get started. I do need to get a new headset, a broadcasting quality mic, mic boom and I need to re-up my subscription to Adobe. I built my recent computer with video editing in mind so thats ready to go. The good news is that I picked up some freelance work that I'm hoping to complete today or tomorrow and with those funds I'll be able to get these last few things and really dive into it. It may seem like a large project for just one person to produce, but with the experience I've gained from my work and my personal determination to expand into this industry I think I can pull it off. Again, the more members can contribute the better the show will be. The show will be short for awhile until we can get a feel for the direction we want to take this in. I want to hear your feedback. I really want to produce something of quality that the community can be proud of and encourage members to participate in. Thanks! S.
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