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  1. 1. Give us as much information as possible. Team VS L4D2 10 vs 10 server #1 In game name: sportsman and my friend eastwood981 Steam ID: ellis2567 and eastwood981 Banned by: MaestroPG.gc 2. State precisely what happened. My friend and I were having a good time on your server playing together (on the same team) and a new game started. My friend was placed on the other team. He re-joined my team and then was told by the admin not to switch teams. My friend told him he wanted to play with his friend and the admin said ,"not on this server" and booted him. I called the admin out on it for booting him for wanting to play with me on my team. He booted me also. 3. Take responsibility for your own actions. My actions were to defend my friend, of course I take responsibility for that. 4. Apologize. I apologise for calling him a British (accent) donkey hole and a douche, but he had it coming. 5. Flatter us. Fun server until the admin ruined it. 6. Assure us that your behaviour will change for the better. I promise to play with my friend and not be an asshat, as long as we are treated fairly and not booted for wanting to play on the same team.
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