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  1. hey guys, great games tonight, sorry about our server crash. As you have seen I am now on Toxic and we are also looking for scrims. Toxic has regular practices on wed and sun nights and either of those nights would be good. Lemme know. If your wondering why I'm on Toxic now, the KU team was pulled from TWL for lack of participation by members. I wanted to stay active in competitive 6vs6 and Toxic is a bunch of cool cats so I've found a new home. Hopefully we can have some fun scrims and help each other out http://www.toxicplay.com if you want to stop by......
  2. whats up guys.....just poppin in to let you know that KU2 is still interested in scrims, I've been busy with the last NFL games the last few sundays. Let us know, and if you want some practice before a match, thats cool too.
  3. sunday jan 22 9pm est we can scrim. Both our clans have TWL matches this coming week so this is a good chance to practice some of the maps we will be fighting on. that is, if you guys are down. Good luck on grabbing the second spot on the ladder...
  4. ok, next week will be better coordinated thanks for the demo Flitterkill. by the time you guys found us on your other server it was late for me, work comes early on a monday.
  5. ok figured out the problem with not being able to post here: there must be a bug with yahoo email that I didnt receive a confirmation <-----has happened with other sites as well.... we may not be ready to scrim sunday night right at 9 EST, I forgot we have a little KU mixer thing goin. We still want to do this though but a little later. Great games the other night. From what I heard is that you guys demo recorded the match, is it possible you could share this? catch you all on sunday....feel free to stop by our forums: www.kuclan.org