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  1. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    tWc Expectations

  2. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    9-11 Slide Show

    I liked that slide show. Well take it from me, I am an EMS, as a Paramedic, I went out there about 1-2 weeks, after the attack, me and about 20 people from the Fire Department, Police Department and other people from the Ambulance company, it was a disaster. I hope that people will never forget about 911, I won't...
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  4. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    West Coast LAN

    I am game for whatever is decided. If I work on the day that is decided, I will take it off, if my wife wants to spend quility time, I will send her to her parents, and LETS GET THIS GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    If you wanna see about joining

    Thx bro.
  6. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    If you wanna see about joining

    WEll if he doesn't I will ;p
  7. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    If you wanna see about joining

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that the practice scrim last night was awesome, you guys are dialed, good leadership to forz(you rock) anywho, sorry I sucked last night, I was just hot(mainly because of rice ;p) but I would like to put in an interest card for twc. Thank you for your time.
  8. K!ll3rM!dg3t

    Joining TWC

    Hey all I have been playing in the GC server for a while, and I would like to know how would I join Twc? If it is not to much trouble can you respond back to me, ty..