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  1. Bringin it back from the dead ! Got a new conceal carry piece. It's a Taurus Mill Pro 9mm. Has thumb safety which i realy like, and second strike trigger which is huge. Brand new gun, 2 clips, hard case walked out for $350. So far it doesn't have a single round through it but a friend has the exact same gun and i loved it and the size so i picked one up to replace the .40 S&W for everyday carry. Tek i was looking at a Mossberg pistol grip 12g almost just liek that the other day but i didn't wanna pay that much for it lol. That is an awesome gun you have though, looks sweet.
  2. I just got this a few days ago and got a chance to get to the range today. It's an SKS 7.62 x 39, and reallly fun to shoot. I put about 100 rounds through it today, my arm feels great
  3. All Kill3r

    My vacation

    Siiiick pictures, im jealous !
  4. Yea pretty much, things slow down when it gets cold. http://www.villagesatstaunton.com/
  5. lol this is old but i run a painting company and plow snow in the winter. The truck looks diff now, it has company vinyl's on the doors... Like the last job i did i painted 13 condo's in a place that used to be a prison but is being transformed into a gated community. For me that is about a 2 month project.
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    My vacation

    You better have a good time and take lots of pics !
  7. I think he's gonna just paint the trim white And a 9x5foot window is rather large lol ! i bet that was just a little tricky..
  8. Nice and yea you can do it ! It's pretty basic also. Just removing some trim and taking out the old window sash. Nothing you can't knock down in half a day.
  9. i would absolutely save your cash and do it yourself. Judging by the things you have done you will understand what to do as you start pulling the old stuff off. You shouldn't have to frame anything, it's not even that involved. just a few trim pieces. A trick for hanging the door alone is once it's framed in and finished you put the hinges on the door and then hold the door up so the top hinge can be screwed in, then it can hang from that screw while you get the bottom and then middle lined up . Cordless helps with magnetic tips ... i do this stuff a lot for work so im sure i could give a few more pointers if you need... i think you will be ok though.
  10. Same size replacement frame and door? If so piece of cake, same with the windows. Shims, nails, caulk.
  11. All Kill3r

    My vacation

    Niiiice ! You had better have room for a camera .
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    Debt free is the way to be ! GJ Sam For me cars are disposable. If i can't buy it with cash i don't buy it. I try to save as much as possible by eliminating as many monthly expenses as possible. A few lifestyle changes can save big bucks. Not buying a new dvd or game every week, or eating out every other day adds up in your pocket pretty quick... I've learned to love cooking lol.
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