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  1. I've just started Nuka World and so far I really love the new DLC. Safari Adventure is awesome
  2. Hubby just installed my new cpu! I'm in love!

  3. Jack and I are going. I called the Clarion at work today and booked our hotel room. The lady on the phone was very nice and, yes, helped us get the room block rate of $70/night. Even though Hudson, Ohio is only 40 minutes away from where we live, we're definitely doing the hotel this time around, that way we don't have to worry about being out too late. We're old fogies, haha. Can't wait to go! Every time we go we have a BLAST! Come on, people! Go, go! Make FragFest 2016 the Bestest!!
  4. Ummm…. Yeah. Bots aren't easy to me! LOL. I have my game difficulty on Survival. There’s Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Survival, so yah, I wanted the craziest, scariest experience for my first “blind” playthru (that way my YouTube videos would also be funnier since, yes, I die A LOT, lol). Level 1 thru 10 was really, really tough. Level 10 through 15 was pretty tough, too, but now that I’m over 15, it seems a bit easier. But I think Bethesda makes their games too easy. It sounds like the default difficulty is a joke. Anyway I've found that Survival basically means: 1. More legendary bad guys. Like a LOT more. (But legendary bad guys also drop special items like weapons or armor so that kinda balances things out, don’tcha think!?) 2. Your health restores VERY SLOWLY. (ie, Stimpacks do close to nothing) 3. Your attacks do less damage, and the bad guys are tougher/more resistant and they also deal out more damage, too I’m also making a point not to use my Power Armor (to make the game harder), but if I find some nasty bad guys, I might run back to Sanctuary to grab it, but that feels like cheating to me, haha! Personally, I love Survival mode so far. I love feeling like I might die at any second, like the Wasteland might actually be a scary place to be wandering around in without serious preparation. To me, too easy means too boring! I just wish Survival was more like “Hardcore” – but the game doesn’t require me to eat or drink or sleep. I’d have to mod my game to do that, and I’m not going to do that with my first playthru.
  5. Yah I love buiding too! I made a YouTube playlist of all my settlement related videos if you'd like to see... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzPLI7bcBeUWW5xXRdbDwPTSdoJDjrW0Y And as for Fallout 4, I'm still so in love with this game. My favorite fight so far is against an Assaultron. This was my first encounter!
  6. I'm looking forward to: Dishonored 2 (specifically EMILY!) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (sequel to Human Revolution) and Mass Effect Andromeda! and hopefully a Fallout 4 DLC
  7. I have a video of base building - my workshop creation in Sanctuary. Building is seriously so addicting
  8. Just FYI, I'm not intending to record any new Saturday Night Customs (since I think that's Limit's forte now, lol), but I do have a few I've had sitting on my PC back from January 2015. I've posted two so far, and maybe one or two more are coming down the pipeline. The first one is awp india. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1YFSDlmM1w The other is an early version of Turn's canyon map. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIpKD8akqLs What's kinda sad is that it's definitely when we had more people on/ server was busier. I'm hoping we can get back to that
  9. Hubby just bought me a new video card, woot! woot!

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    2. turnbullTeRRoR


      Does it have large talons?

    3. Protomanx13


      Are you sure it's new? Maybe he swap out his old card and gave it to u

    4. Girlzilla


      I got the GTX 980, and he got my old 660, he's going to SLI it with his 660

  10. LOL yah but I think in this case it's over the top. I don't want Queen to like disown me. Haha!
  11. Awesome Limit, I subbed. Hey can you email me the gc image at the beginning? I have some oldie recorded saturday night customs I can upload, too, and it'd be nice to use your intro, too. I have to edit the videos first though. Queen went off on a tangent talking about an incestuous uncle or something lol, and I think I should edit that out, haha.
  12. I'd love to see the pub very active again! I LOVE PUBBING. I will murder my husband for CMMing.
  13. I'm playing it, but having video capture software in the background I think is makin' it lag a bit during fights/in cities. I'm okay with a little lag here and there, but I heard the game on PC is lagging more than console. I applied the November patch for Nvidia, and that did seem to help. I might have to sell a kidney or two for a better computer.
  14. OKAY, so if you are sensitive to spoilers, don't watch! This is basically a Let's Play. http://thisgirlplays.blogspot.com/ Thank you for watchings Some samples
  15. My goober Dishonored Let's Play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mEddvhnGyw

    1. Girlzilla


      Jack says choice comments around 18:30ish lol

    2. walkingCat
  16. Here's Queen! We're pretty close to having enough people for a guild (10 people minimum for a guild).
  17. Last two upgrades was just a SSD and a video card, a GeForce GTX 660.
  18. I forgot these other pics. Eventually, I figured out how to toggle off the UI to get cleaner screenshots
  19. Ooo! yay! Add me to your friend list. I'm @girlzillaGC and Jack is @jackburton. What's yours again? I can't remember if we ever added you. Queen says she's getting the game, too!! She may already have it. Woot woot! I made a Khajiit nightblade and Jacks' been running around with his dragonknight. So far I'm really enjoying it. Glad I gave it a second chance. I'm really understanding the combat a lot better. I didn't get how to use Interrupt before, rofl. I can do most quests on my own (as I prefer) except for the Group Dungeons where you should have four. Jack and I had a blast going through those - we've done two so far. Found two other randoms to play with. I have some picktars! Jack looked through his screenshots and found this goober one of us, so he emailed it to me so I can show you, rofl. He named his Nord Herger Joyous from 13th Warrior. He has a puma cat. My khajiit has a guar, lol. <3 Morrowind <3 I might have named the guar, but now I can't remember. Haha! My Khajiit is amed Zireza Sad-Eyes, Rofl. And she likes making stew with creepy skeletons watching. Overall, I like the MMO. The different quests are really great in terms of dialogue and content. Some of the are really memorable. The locations are amazing. Grahtwood is my favorite so far. <3
  20. Amnesia helps. Shaftiel Having multiple personalities might help, too.
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