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  1. Jackie should buff one.  And not tell anyone.  :)  Then buff the other, and not tell anyone.  Keep doing it.  LOL


    Or make it that one shotgun does immense damage to only a tank.  Then use strategy with it. 

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  2. You kept rushing to the next high pt of the roller coaster, and I kept telling you are your team to stop rushing when players were far back.  Please don't rush in the future.  Your ban should be expired by now.

  3. Admins have a couple of ways to track games and communicate.


    We have hundreds of demos too.  We have watched things over and over.  Discussions of players and situations are all archived.  Just for the record.  You may not remeber your offense, but we do.  Mumble is just a tool during the game. 

  4. The servers have been really busy.  Last couple of weekends, the servers have been full with members waiting for a open spot.   Even a couple of times during the week its been full.   That means we are doing something right as a community.  Jackie doing his magic, Peanut Upholding the law, Mercman running custom nights, Johnny recording everything and other admins doing much more.


    While we all love playing L4D2, I am seeing a few people breaking rules to my surprise,  Things like cursing, rushing and being rude to players from anyone, especially members will not be tolerated.  


    In addition, stacking games is another big NO-NO, even allowing a stack to occur for multiple rounds while the score is 400 to 4000 shows a lack of respect for the players loosing and my biggest pet peave.  


    Also, we admins dont have to do anything with warns or kicks when we see repeat offenders.    


    Some admins can and are more lenient than others.  Some warn, some kick and some ban right away.  Please realize, we have warned everyone over and over, especially members about the rules, but to my surprise, people playing here a while, even members continue to tread a fine line.  If you think it may be rushing, then fall back and don't rush.  If you think you will get PM about language, then dont use those words or cool off.  If you antogonize players, dont do it, you will be banned!


    If you are frustrated with the round, leave a take a breather. 


    We want the game to be enjoyable for new players as well including the hardcore seasoned players. 


    Have fun and game on. 



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