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  1. Hey everyone.  I been on a strict diet and training program at UFC gym.  


    So lately, I been crashing (falling asleep) on the keyboard.  Last night was one of those nights.  I am sorry if I seem abrupt when I say goodbye, but I just cant stay awake.  Just to give you an idea.  Twice this week I went home early from work, to go to sleep at 4pm to wake up at 9pm to play till 11pm. To go back to sleep till 6:30am. 


    I also went AFK once to get a protein shake and fell asleep on the chair.  I got a ton of PM's about rushers.  Again, I am sorry I was a bad admin this week. 


    As for the admins, if you see me AFK, just kick.  PM will only go unanswered until the next morning. 

  2. Kazya, You were not banned for rushing.  You were banned for mouthing off to Maestro.  You were only kicked for rushing.  I been reading our admin notes, and you are a repeat offender.  I would suggest you lighten up with the comments etc. 

  3. Also, note that the Tank on our servers is very slightly faster than Survivors (vanilla Tanks are slower than Survivors), don't slow down as much from getting shot at (vanilla Tanks slow to a crawl under gunfire), and have a further punch reach than vanilla settings (vanilla Tanks have a noticeably shorter reach).  Just my way of balancing things out for 10v10 and it's been like this for a long time now (back when Nightling used to play L4D2 on a regular basis).

    Can we make the tank faster when on fire?  That will make even more fun.  As you can use the option as tank to chase survivors faster.

  4. Calling an admin out on any server can be a ban.  We are all gamers and play on many server and many games..  Admins work hard to keep the community rules.  Now Meng, has been a awesome admin and this is not the opinion of a few but the majority.


    So............... since you are new, I don't think you are telling the truth which is not cool by me.  Also the bans clearly state why you were  banned.  Also... Your ban is 1 day from incident.


    I would have like to have seen, hey I am new here and did not know the rules, or my playing style is different that what you server is accustom to, but NO you and your friends who were all banned come here and mock our admins and our community.  You are lucky its 1 day.

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  5. Iron, I have never heard a more absurd story than that.   


    And to think you can write anything negative on our community servers about admins (And you claim you area tft server admin) especially what you wrote, will not be tolerated.


    Like Mercman said, you and your buddies are/were trolling.


    Your ban is for 1 day from the incident.  This allows for you to sit back and reflect what you did.  And hopefully you wont do it again.



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