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  1. I should also point out, that there were three others with me. That makes 4 actual players and 6 dead bots. haha and I'm banned. Get over yourself Chick.
  2. Lol i love it. not like i dont see mains doing it. Thats okay tho. Many mains were in with me during this ban and only one little miss 'chick' decided SHE HAS THE POWERRRR. This guy or girl who knows decided she could ban everybody on my team for leaving bots behind. i have been active in this server for 2 years, playing nearly every day. yet this guy/girl comes along with a freakin gavel and swings it around like a dang supreme. whether or not you decide to lift my ban, i couldnt care less. Even though i wasted quite a bit of money with a membership on this server that obviously has no idea how to properly place power. figure it out. I did nothing wrong. Actually i should take that back. in his/her eyes, me saying "Just abusing power" is ban worthy. haha grow a pair and respond rather than banning somebody without warning. way to ruin the one decent server in the l4d2 community. Ahh and his/her name is Chick Hearts Lip Stick.gc She should quickly remove the addition if she isnt a team player and a reasonable admin. I think my post proves she isnt. Lift the ban or not. Let this be a heads up to all other admins. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME AND THERE ARE NO tinkleING MATCHES OVER THE INTERNET. I HOSTED CSS SERVERS FOR 5 YEARS, I RAN FREE MEDIA WEBSITES FOR 6. I WOULD NEVER BE THE KIND OF ADMIN THAT 'Chick Hearts Lip Stick.gc" PORTRAYS. SCREW IT, SHAME ON YOU FOR ADMITTING HER. But, all in all. it is a fun server and had a blast playing. thanks for the fun run maestro, soup, guardian, and all the rest that made the server as fun as ever.