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  1. Test

    Post much?

    CPU overheated? such thing exists?
  2. Test

    Post much?

    He is very social. He must have many friends.
  3. I like goats, goats make me laugh.
  4. Test


    Maybe Probably Most Likely
  5. Yes. Add more custom campaign, so I can come out of retirement.
  6. Test


    No thank you. I have life to live. I think that is grossly unfair and frankly not nice. If he enjoys spending his free time playing the game and hanging out with us, who are you to judge? What I meant was if I were to spend that amount of hours in playing this game, I would have lost so many hours IRL doing other activities. I can't do it.
  7. Test


    No thank you. I have life to live.
  8. bad goat from billy goats gruf?
  9. Test


    Custom hats for everyone? It should be included in the Membership fee.
  10. After reading the reviews of the Harribo Gummy Bears in this website, I have decided to not underestimate the powers of Gummy Bears. So scary. http://www.amazon.com/Haribo-Sugar-Free-Gummy-Bears/dp/B008JELLCA
  11. It was worth reading. Very entertaining, especially the first 2 posts.
  12. OP, you failed to amuse me. You forgot to suggest this. I think this is balanced. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1127386
  13. increase cost of lasers. more than 50% of server population relies on it.
  14. I'm trying to keep it civilized here and you just had use that phrase. I don't know what is in your mind, but my mind is clean.
  15. Eathier thaid than done. Dixie is an admin!! I cannot bully you anymore ingame. Btw, congratz!
  16. If you get tongued by a smoker, keep calm and call your teammates.
  17. That only means one thing, chargers are overpowered. ---------------- Jackie, pls nerf chargers.
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