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Time to build a network


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Okay, It looks like we are getting settled in our respective servers. We need to update the server list that Linch started so we have the correct information. After this I'll be emailing Fatty with the following request info.


1.) Add a few channels to the GC teamspeak servers dedicated to WoW. Each channel will correspond to a server and each server will have 2 rooms: alliance and horde.

2) These channels will have their own password that will be given out IN GAME via a wisper or guildchat. This way we don't have UT or otherwise peeps jumping in our channels.


3) As MK5 put in his rules topic, we can set up an item auction or item request sub-forum for peeps with needs...ie tailor needs leather, enchantor needs copper...that sort of thing. This way peeps can stop in see what is needed post back or send said item via mail when one or the other is logged off.


4) We can set up party times or raid times on our repsected servers and coordinate between each other what dungeons we are going through, what time, what characters we need, so forth and so on.


Any other ideas guys??


P.S. after a while it might be nice to get everyone on the same server, same alliance, same race and use that char strictly for large party groups (ie get to lvl 20 on own then use when we all want to get together and create havok....muhahahah!)

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