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Mortal Combat


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Info, Explanation and F.A.Q.



10 - 12 PM EST

Project Mayhem


If you're anything like me, you like CS because of it's intent on realism. We like FF because bullets aren't able to discern friend from foe in the real world. You leave the water splashing on because people running through water makes splashes. You might put up with 10 less FPS to allow the game to look and sound as cool as possible.


If you're a super-tweaker because you like to live longer and kill more, you may not enjoy Mortal Combat. Why? Because I'm going to make you even more mortal than you already are! If someone comes up behind you and puts a couple bullets in your back, you won't be able to flip around and send them home. Why? Because you'll be dead!


If a nade goes off right beside you, you will not continue running to your destination. Why? Cause you'll be dead!


One ak bullet to the chest? Dead.


4 bullets from a glock? Dead!


A deep cut or two from a knife? DEAD!!!!!


A nade into a group of your opponents? ALL DEAD OR BARELY ALIVE!!!!


How will this be accomplished? One simple change. Each round I'm gonna suck 70 of your health (and most of your soul) through a long straw. You can buy your armor and helmet...but you'll only have 30 health. Thus, you are more mortal than you normally feel in CS.


Now, before I share with you why in the world I'd want to do this, I will freely admit that most of you guys won't like this. It changes a lot, both in your game and how you have to play. You probably already know, without reading any more, whether or not you would enjoy this.


If you are interested, and are not WW or W, then read on!


Why would you do this?

It's an INSTANT modification! How many bullets do you really think you should be able to take? But let's not digress and debate reality. Let's just look at what it's going to do to the game:


-Slow and careful will be your movements now, at least I would predict. You can't take 10 pistol shots or 5 hits from a rifle anymore.

-Other weapons will you try! Some of the fun guns that you never use will actually work now! It's fun to see these other weapons come into play!

-Grenades will seem less like concussion grenades and react more like a fragmentation grenade. Grenades will clear rooms and remove body parts.

-Maps will play different than normal. You might not stand in the same place or rush at the same speed as you normally would! It's a whole new ballgame!

-One player could wipe out 4 guys from behind with a SMG instead of killing one and getting trounced by a turn-around-fade-away jumper.



How do I sign up?

You can't sign up. Just show up! Keep in mind that GC members have reserves and will take priority.


What maps are we playing?

Not sure yet. All the normal favorites, including de_dust...because this will change things a good deal. Which way will it change things? I'm not totally sure yet. It's fun to think about though! We'll see on Wednesday.


What should I do if I am not interested?

:unsure: Well, stop reading. After that, you could play on Ebullition on Wednesday night. It will be running as a normal scopeless server as usual.


What if I'm not interested in that either?

:twitch: Go away already!


Can I offer a suggestion or ask another question?

Absolutely. I hope to develop this a little and of course tweaks will be necessary. I'd also like to know if you have some ideas about how it's going to be, and of course your reactions aftward. This forum will be like any other. Post on up.


Isn't Mortal Kombat spelled with a K?

Not this one. But if you want me to get ninja on you, that can be arranged. Waaaa-psh!


See ya Wednesday, if ya got it in ya!

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