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I hold no ill will toward chick, but the signs did read a bit like "Hey I'm moving my mall here so you gotta move let me know if you need help." Which is kinda shady, Anyone would be slightly upset if they were to walk into there place with an inventory full of stuff with signs like that waiting for them. But to be fair you get virtually no room to type on little signs so you have to keep it short and sweet. It was just a case of bad timing on both our part (we both scouted the same area at the same time) and lack of good wording. Its done, its over, let it go.

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it's debatable if we should even put Bukkit back (don't worry, I fully intend to)

So that's why claims went away...

Yeah, the server basically had 0 activity for a few months. Since there was also going to be a new world, people really had lost all interest in the old one.. for these reasons I wanted to get over to 1.6 quickly to get people interested again, and not draw out any waiting period. No plugins, still waiting on a Bukkit beta version for 1.6.2, expected soon.

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