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Pepe the frog is sad because I was Permabanned ... (again)


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It was a winter night like any other, the unwashed dishes and the work of the university always waiting to be done at the last minute, carefree and dirty as a vagabond I was with my buttocks stuck in the armchair playing at l4d2 without knowing what it would happen...


With the television news in the background and with a hungry hunger, I could not wait to go to the bathroom until the end of the game. Entertaining and fully aware of the video game I realize that I was expelled with a phrase that said "I told you to eliminate that spray" (or gif i dont remember) ...


Surprised and remembering that I was previously expelled for the same reason weeks ago, I decided to re-enter, but this time questioning what was wrong with the image ... Upon re-entering and after asking the question, an administrator replied that the second part of the image had a reference to sex (which is true but to a lesser degree) ...





I told myself "later, what laziness", the game continued and we were winning, the hunger was still intact, the news followed the reports about the corruption in the country, murders and delinquency (an unfortunate "normal" day in the Peru), with the novelty of ridicule called "Gay Pride Day", which in my opinion is nothing more than an aberration of those who seek tolerance but can not tolerate (but that's another issue).


To the next map of the campaign, it occurred to me to put the spray as usual (since I had forgotten the previous notice from the administrator), everything was normal until it was the turn of that administrator to play as a survivor, it was there that I remembered the notice and I said "Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead" ...




The administrator wrote "Dude, zed ...", it was at that moment when I felt the real terror (LOL) and I said "I'm dead, bruh".
Immediately I wrote "Later" ... "Not now" and without further ado I received a PERMABAN ...


I do not know how moralistic some administrators are on this server, since some administrators have seen that image of Pepe the frog before and they did not tell me anything, except for another image in which Majin Bu appeared with a ganzo in that case if I was notified and changed it ...
Well, maybe for some that image may turn out to be offensive, but for me it represents nothing more than a very subtle black humor.
I apologize if I offended someone with the image ...
GG cya...



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Multiple previous bans, check.


A post that can only be described as an offense to my eyes, check. 


Making me read through it multiple times to figure out what the hell happened, check.


Oh I found the relevant part:



GG cya...


Later dude.

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