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  1. i know this came up somewhere else too but is it final. if we leave the the ballroom to go to our room will the comps be safe to stay there. or will i have to pack it up when i leave for my room.
  2. if i read this earilier i woulda have bunked up but i started to get worried about a place to stay so i booked a place 5 mins away.
  3. im bringing a walk-in with me. too bad i cant get a ____ing room cuz im not 21. unless someone can help me out.
  4. First off no such team in cal-i. second how do u not know your irc channel, especially if your cal-i. and Ive played cal-i on lan.
  5. im coming out from new jersey too. Mouse1 gaming #m1. and i have play with those olan guys at web2zone. no comment.
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