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  1. It was a great experience, certainly worth the cost of 1800 miles of travel. I look forward to FragFestCali!!!
  2. This sounds like a great idea! Mossad, Q, and I represented the West Coast at FF Ohio this year and cleaned house during open gaming. I went 1800 miles to Ohio, I'll go wherever for Frag Fest California. I can probably talk Q into it again if I mention Gin, so there's 2 definites for ya.
  3. Is it safe to assume they are providing keyboards as well (not on the list)? Thanks.
  4. What do you need to bring if you're renting a PC at the event? Or, what is provided by the vendor? Thanks.
  5. Are you ever going to run one of these on a weekend?
  6. Run one of these on a weekend and I'm sure you'd get more participation. Just a thought...
  7. Yes, I made the mistake in PayPal or requesting funds from my bank instead of doing the instant transfer. It should be ready to go on 3/8.
  8. Count me in for one please. Thanks.
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