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SirTony last won the day on May 15 2015

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  • Birthday 06/30/1968

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  1. SirTony


    is mumble down backup mumble server sirtony.mumble.com 8490
  2. SirTony

    CS:GO Call Out's

    CS:GO Call Out's http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157442340
  3. SirTony

    Crosshair Map

    Thank You!
  4. SirTony

    Crosshair Map

    Please post link to crosshair map please Thanks SirTony
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381298000
  6. SirTony

    New maps

  7. SirTony

    New maps

    de_dust2_unlimited_go http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/169418 Thanks
  8. SirTony


    http://play2crush.com/ Please signup for beta.
  9. SirTony


    genetic: when i try to connect it says "STEAM ID:###### You are Banned on this server. checked the ban list he wasnt on it?
  10. SirTony


    genetic: Hey man, I don't know if you remember me but I asked you to unban me from GCFTW's server about a month ago because i got mistakenly banned. You unbanned me and I was able to log back in and play, I havn't tried to play since that night until just a second ago and it is saying I am banned still. Could you please fix this? I have not played on that server since the night it happened and had thought the problem fixed. Thanks Tony 1_0_258623 Unbanning again. Just FYI Thanks SirTony
  11. SirTony

    DarkFall Online

    Please Vote http://steamcommunit...s/?id=110245629
  12. SirTony

    Guild Wars 2

  13. SirTony

    DarkFall Online

    http://www.us.darkfa...com/default.php Free Until Nov 15th And so it comes to an end… The world of Agon as we know it will be no more in a few days… We call upon you to celebrate the last days of Darkfall and try what you haven’t tried so far – this will be your last chance! Travel to the places you haven’t visited, swim to the shores you haven’t seen, enter the alleys that always scared you, climb the mountains you always thought as being ominous. Speak to those you believed as menacing, laugh with old friends around a camp fire, prey on the weak, take your revenge upon those who harmed you, siege the cities that considered you an outcast, bathe with your enemies’ blood, kill, kill, kill, destroy, destroy, destroy… Sing a song for the glory days of this world, capture your most glorious moments and share them with all of us. Make screenshots, videos, experiment and share your thoughts and memories with the rest of Agon’s warriors, hunters, sorcerers, priests… The current state of Agon will be no more on the 15 of November, when the servers will close to make way for Darkfall Unholy Wars. Psssst… It’s for free too! Unuldur