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  1. I  banned you last night for a exploit.


    Please understand no exploits and follow the rules and you will be fine.


    This is your second ban.  One was for rushing about a year ago. 


    I have un-banned you.


    Enjoy our servers.

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  2. Peanut is too nice.  I would have made a perma ban if anyone came back to argue from a all too lenient kick. 


    Just as a reminder you are not entitled to anything here.  Its a privelege to play on our servers, so we ask  that you are respectful and follow the rules.  If you do that, you are more than welcome to play on our servers free of charge and if you want a reserve spot, it only costs $15 a year.

  3. Just spent 5 hrs cleaning my dads new PC.  And he had anti virus, but remember all the software is reactive and the best way is to remove admin access to the local pc and even some policies for the user.  I am going back to my dads house today to run some more cleanup and lockdowns.

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