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  1. Only if you get down on your feet >:3 jk. Tho there is nothing to forgive....we're friends and I know you didn't mean any malice by your comment. So, please give the poor guy a break. I'm sure he learned his lesson and won't do it again
  2. Aw shucks Tainted, sorry you're going trough this. I sincerely hope you get well because if you do, it means there's still hope for some of us too, that things do get better. In the meantime, we'll be waiting for you in l4d2
  3. It's my first time posting on the forums and this was just really bugging me that i needed to say something as well. Give the guy a chance. He clearly enjoys playing on the 10vs10 servers. So why would he jeopardize that by cheating? Specially, wouldn't be so keen on proving his innocence. A person caught cheating would just shrug it off and move on but here you have Deadlock pleading with you to let him prove to you all that he DID NOT CHEAT. There are also plenty of other players just as good as Deadlock. So, if we're going to start banning people for being "good" might as well ban them too ( please excuse my grammar)
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