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  1. Yep, the bot was sending me the messages yesterday and has since blocked me. Hope when you get your account back you can unblock. Sorry to hear this.
  2. Thank you for giving an SI point of view, as I can easily understand how my teamates saw it differently. Appreciate it.
  3. Im not sure if Merc intended to ban me considering the reason was "!buy" but I was banned for some reason today. I was jockied off the elevator shaft on No Mercy during the hospital chapter. I'm sure those who were infected and not survivor would understand the situation. I was not griefing, but I assume the elevator in order for the rest of the team to go up was waiting for me to die or !getup. Those in the chat were telling me to type !getup and somehow run through a horde of SI but I knew that would only waste more time as I would be hanging again waiting for my 200+ health to deteriorate because there were 2-3 jockeys waiting. (+ I already tried it once) Nothing else I could have done honestly. Confused why I was banned, even if it was a understandably frustrating situation waiting for me to fall to my death so the rest of the team could go up... Would still like to play later tonight so im hoping this ban is lifted or at least addressed... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071999148
  4. So... I play on gc severs quite often (and I mean several hours daily during the evenings lol). I really enioy the vs servers and I think they are some of the best servers I have played on for this game. Anyway, I happened to miss the rule where killing yourself was not allowed. Infact, I was so oblivious that it was a rule that I posted in the L4D2 chat that I died on purpose when the other team (infected) called me out for dying like I was a noob and did it on accident or something. lol It was the last level of No Mercy, my team was down 1000 or so and I was looking forward to the next campaign which was The Parish and Im not going to lie, I was testing out some new mods from the steam workshop so, considering we were losing by so much and I wasn't aware of a "!cfs" option where I can die and still keep my spot... I decided to jump off in the elevator shaft so I can view some of my survivor mods via spectating where just after I posted "On purpose" in chat, I was rightfully banned... Yeah, im really sorry about that. I can understand why it is a rule so you don't have people letting the team down in crucial moments but I didn't know it was a rule that was enforced (meaning I didn't know it was a rule in the first place even though I should have memorized the list of rules).. This is the first time I have even thought about doing something like this, I am one who takes these games very seriously and I tend to (imo) be a good teamate and make wise decisions even when we are losing by tons. It won't happen again if i'm given another chance. Im not sure if you need more info... Map : gcftw.com | !buy 10v10 #2 I was banned so quickly that it loaded a scavenge screen and I was dcd with the message "you have been banned" or something like that... so I can't find any logs (I don't believe) or who banned me although hopefully the admin who did ban me recognizes who I am from this post. My Steam ID is hunter96x and I go by the name of Smoke (hope this is enough?) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Smoke96x Thanks a ton. In an odd way, i'm actually thankful I was banned (no, thankful is the wrong word lol) or otherwise I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon these forums. Glad to be a new forum member.
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