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  1. TheJangles

    Server Suggestions

    Don't mean to spam the subject or the thread but here's something I found that seemed like it could work. http://steamcommunity.com/app/222880/discussions/2/558752451243444843/ Jangles
  2. TheJangles

    Server Suggestions

    I agree. I know we talked about this the other day Reomet. I have looked at sourcemod (SM) and that's what the Quebec server uses. It seems to run really great and the only people who can do kick/ban is the admins. That might help with the voting system and the kicking problem. I've just looked into it a bit and it seems to work well if installed to server properly. If you need someone to test on once you get it up or whatever I'm always here, just message me on steam. Thanks, Jangles.
  3. TheJangles

    Server Suggestions

    I play on this server all the time. I love it. The only suggestion I can make at this point is the map voting system is still messed up. I've talked to Reomet about it. It just goes to wrong map when you vote. Other than that it's the only server I play on (Co-op server) Thanks for having an awesome server.