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  1. They look pretty cool actually.
  2. Does anyone play this? I did a while ago, logged in recently and had no friends or contact. Anyone?
  3. Howdy folks! This post is pretty late, as these ducks were shot around Thanksgiving. But I'm still proud of how we did! Here's a shot of yours truly with 10 ducks in the boat plus a band! And here's how we ended the day (for those of you who have been playing with me lately, that's Coontang on the left): This is our 3 man Mallard limit. 4 Mallards per hunter, and 1 Black per hunter. We got our LiMiT! (Notice 2nd from right got maddddd headshotted). And: 2 days, 35 ducks, 1 band. It was a good hunt! Brought to you by #Failboat and Gungpow!
  4. I'd pay $100 for a Lunk bobblehead.
  5. Howdy folks! Smokey checking in again from Vermont. Got some more fun stuff to report! On our way to duckhunt, we ran into some turkeys and a serious stalk commenced. After some stealthy positioning I was able to take the leader of the flock. This 20 lbs. Tom, with a 8 inch beard and 1 inch spurs was shot with 3-inch 4-shot, steel of course! I was loaded for ducks but had to make do. and Next day, to complete our mixed bag, we made a 2 mile arduous walk (1 on the railroad, 1 through woods and swamp) to get to our super-secret duck spot. Shot half dozen ducks, half dozen geese. So far, it's been a good start to my hunting week!
  6. I'll be giving it a better effort now that I'm back from vacation and the reserve slots work. It's still a game I'd like to only play a few times a week. It's a good change of pace, but nothing I could commit to for too long.
  7. Thanks Tony Romo for giving San Fran 3 picks...
  8. Eminem Biggie or Tupac?
  9. Autodraft got me Brady, Jefrry and San Fransisco? Not too shabby. First matchup, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning head to head.
  10. I love fishing, especially bass fishing, but hunting is an entirely different beast. Give it a try and thank me later.
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