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    CS Go, PS3, PS4
  1. Drumyadi

    Anyone know about knife pricing/values?

    csgo lounge has A LOT of lowballers on it. BUT if you are patient it works out. Ive made hundreds, and i mean hundreds of dollars persuing trades. yeah it might take a long time at moments but a guy like me should have no where near the inventory i do have. Ive probably put 200 in this game and have around 1000 inventory. Work them trades!!!
  2. Drumyadi

    Saturday Night Customs SKIN GIVEAWAY! Information inside!

    very kool. im down for free stuff!
  3. Thanks for clarifying how to do this turnbull. *done*
  4. Drumyadi


    haha! Chucks would be dope!
  5. Drumyadi


    So who do i have to bug to get some GC swag on our forum? I'd buy AT LEAST a hoodie and a shirt with a sweet GC logo and even like a m4a1 and ak as the cross bones with our skull or some other CS related GC gear. Help me get this post A LOT of attention so maybe we can get some gear together. Thanks!
  6. Drumyadi

    CSGO members and regulars- Lets Pub

    Love the idear of making the pub the best we can. Saturday night is our best night and we can make it that way everyday with the right publicity. My only comment is it seems we are cutting sat night customs shorter every week. Any reason?
  7. Drumyadi

    Add me for Titanfall =D

    btw i have 0 friends on origin
  8. Drumyadi

    Saturday Night Customs 3-15-14 !!!!!

    Sorry to hear that Turn. We hope and pray for the best
  9. Drumyadi

    Add me for Titanfall =D

    Got the game for pc and want some fellow gc friends to add on origin. I just added Barashin, so if anyone else has this game for pc and wants to add me(origin Drumyadi) feel free! Thanks!
  10. Drumyadi

    Titanfall worth it?

    TItanfall is awesome. Comparing it to CoD with mechs doesn't do it justice. Just read some reviews out there for pc. I love it. The mechs are fun. The free-running is awesome. And theres less camping and hiding because of the free movement. Barashin i'll definetly add you on origin.
  11. Drumyadi

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    last entry(fingers crossed). Plant this T's cuz the CT's are bringing down the house with these moves! On the famous turnbull map. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah Boieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221954436
  12. Drumyadi

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    want theee knife
  13. Drumyadi

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    Last entry coming up!!!
  14. Drumyadi

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    couldnt agree more. dont get me wrong i play the game for kills and fun too. i just think being able to customize your loadout is pretty awesome.
  15. Drumyadi

    Competitive Team Needed

    Have about 11 wins in competitive so far, want a good team of guys(or girls) for some match making. Hard to play competitive with random teams because people don't communicate and/or have a good game plan. If you're down to play just add me on steam and we'll get a good team of guys to rank some wins.