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  1. Twins

    Deagle Bug.

    It drops the gun when you get up. if you bothered to look down. you would see its right there on the ground where you were incapped. Just a minor inconvenience.
  2. Twins


    Ill say it again, I never said it. I now know the situation you are talking about. I said don't defib during tank. Someone else on the team said we have a blahblahblah and r who defibs during tanks(and went on a rant after that, someone said you have a demo so if someone who knows my voice can distinguish it between them than thanks). People have said that my voice is very similar to others and i got in trouble once for insulting players on the mic when i wasnt even ingame. But I'm 100% sure it wasn't me cause I remember this guy was upset even though we were winning, i dont know you, so i can only assume you dont know my voice good enough to tell it apart. As for the attitude, I already said the facts I was dealt with. I added you 5 secs after the ban. You ignored it even though you edited the SB notes 10 mins later. I asked the player if they complained and they said no. Later they confessed they may have said something out of anger. But I was just using what I was dealt with. Which was a pretty bad hand. So I'm sorry about about this situation I got ourselves in, but we are in it now. And I'll deal with the consequences all i can ask is dont bias your decision on something that was edited out 1 min after posting after i was still receiving facts and rolling in conspiracy theories. The player said they withdrew the complaint and spoke to you.
  3. Twins


    STEAM_1:1:7035410 l4d2 server1..? So i was banned about 30 mins ago, I tried adding the admin, but they are ignoring me. Apparently i am getting a 1 month ban for being a dum-dum/calling teammates noob. I have no clue what that means considering i was on good behavior. , and let me just say that calling someone a dum-dum is much worse than calling someone a noob. If you meant i was calling someone that then you are mistaken since i really have no memory of that happening and i don't have Alzheimer's yet. and i was using chat and can check logs (the noob was done with chat) For context, it was someone on the opposite team and it was someone who i consider a friend i was joking around with them like we ALWAYS do to each other all the time (and it was obvious it was directed at them considering the situation). We call each other noobs all the time ingame whenever someone does something dumb. I said it twice in a joking fashion during finale johnny was there for the first time, so if it really was an issue you should have said something. I talked with the player and they said they didn't complain. So why are you doing this? As for my previous bans 1 of them was accidental and was insta-unbanned another 2 were unbanned within the hour, does that mean you still have to increase ban length all the time, even for the smallest of infractions? Sorry for the grammar
  4. Twins

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    yea. idk why it wasnt changed a long time ago. id always just buy a new smg instead of ammo cause im cheap
  5. Twins

    L4D2 Tournament SIGN UP!!

    pfft it was thanksgiving last month for the normal people (canadians)
  6. Twins

    san's Email

    @turbo i asked you if you wanted me to swap, in chat and on mic after the first part of the first chapter (can check logs, i have a ss as well). You ignored it. And then there was so much complaining and the way you acted that was off putting that no one wanted to even change teams. You did 1 scramble vote (that failed) on the 2nd part for the first chapter, so ofc that would fail since no one likes playing same part twice. You could have done another vote after that chapter but you didnt even bother. And if you ask why i didnt change teams by myself. Its cause i was banned for a week for doing that exact same thing (teams were 10v9 for infected and i was on infected)
  7. here is a ss of my idle temps in Celsius. yes they are very garbage. and ive reapplied thermal paste 2 times before. as for your questions. i am running win7x64. im running dual monitors with my tv via dvi cables ( ihave 2 dvi ports on my gpu). I have a dead hdd that is warned about during boot. (this issue has been happening before that tho) as for diagonostics. im not sure which tools to use? i tried a burn in test for the gpu. only reached max of 78C. tho i only did it for 5 mins
  8. Hey guys, sooooooo I had 2 issues with my computer and im not exactly sure what is wrong with it. So just looking for any random suggestions First i can't put the computer to sleep/standby. When i try, the computer powers off for 1 second and turns on again. With the exception of the monitor which stays in standby. Got to hold the power button to restart the computer to use it again. Second is that sometimes i assume my game crashes (rare) and it does the same thing with the monitor. Tower is still on and monitor is off/in standby. And then when i manually restart the computer when this happens half the time the monitor still wont show anything. Takes a couple trys sometime. So im fairly certain that these issues are related Build cpu- i7 920 ( i overclocked it, messed up the temps tho) Motherboard- P6x58D Premium memory- 3x4gb gskill raw ddr3 gpu- gigabyte superoverclocked gtx580 <---- i bought this refurbished 2 years ago (can it be the issue??) psu - tx850watt display- Samsung syncmaster 2333hd
  9. I just bought this phone http://youtu.be/Y-2fK-ka1M0
  10. Twins

    banned for team switch

    i switched teams for YOU guys in the sense you wouldnt start until you had 10. you were waiting for another player and were losing so i swapped and STAYED on that team. so your reaction to something "new" is to insta-ban? i already said why i changed teams. As for starting the round, everyone already ready'd up and the team was full. idk what else can justify starting a round. Or cause i switched teams i am not allowed to start the round?
  11. keep this short it was 9 v 10. surivors were waiting a good 3+ minutes for another player. I dont got all night (its 3 am, we played with bots first half), tell them to go already. they dont. decide to switch teams then so they will have 10. start the round, play survivor for like a minute then get banned.
  12. So im having some problems with counterstrike source. It crashes 1-2 secs after the program launches. Last time this happened i verified the game cache and it worked fine. But not this time, i tried re-installing, updating graphics driver, verify game cache, random launch options ,reset cfg. All my other source games work fine, just css. If anyone got any other recommendations or variations of what i tried, i'd appreciate it, thanks
  13. Twins

    the medpack

    Can we just talk about them for a minute. Everyone spam checks health and as soon as someone gets 39hp(yellow glow) someone will heal for the points. Buying a medpack and healing only costs 4 points when healing others, which everyone does. Considering the point diffrence for that and pills and !heal I was just thinking you should either 1) get less points from healing someone 2)increase medpack cost 3) (which is probably impossible to implent) award points based on how much actual hp they have, with diffrent level of points. (like 1 point if you heal an incapped that took pills 50+ hp , 2 points for 30, 3 for 1-29) any thoughts? or am i the only way who thinks this.
  14. Twins

    rules on skipping???

    would this be the same one that skips mid finale (ie after first tank)
  15. Twins

    The Voting System

    but most the time its the same people, teams barely change through a campaign. And when your team gets rolled its too frustrating to continue. New campaign = new teams. Also i remember how you stayed in spec cause of how bad our team was. You wouldnt support a skip at the finale?