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  1. Snowbominal

    R.I.P. Wayfarer aka Paul Kostuik

    Wow i cannot believe that i have found this. This is Way's nephew, and i woke up this morning and just remembered about all this and wanted to find it so i searched up GC on google and i didnt know if you guys were still active but i wanted to see if there was anyone on who use to game with my uncle Way. Anyway ive signed up with GC now and i put my steam account and battle.net on there. I mainly play wow right now i made a warrior in honor of my uncle. his name is Snowway. you can find him on the realm Thrall. got a very small leveling guild now but just some friends to play with. Its really amazing to just jump on here and see all that my uncle had been involved in and all the great friends that he had to game with.