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Found 4 results

  1. So today i was playing with a few friends on your csgo servers, when my friend was suddenly banned permanently for saying the following: "My house is a Christian Establishment" commenting on his personal life, NOT the server. So basically he wasn't breaking ANY rules. Now i really didn't like this admin very much anyway. Later, I continued on the server. Until this happened: So now I'm confused. First, my friend is banned for talking about his own life. Then, he starts slapping somebody repeatedly for about 2 whole rounds, and for no good reason. Hope that this gets resolved ASAP. To be honest, some of my least favorite people on servers are abusive staff, which basically kills my mood to even play on that server, and what good's a server with no players? Just doing my part to make this community better.
  2. Hello 707killa here I am grateful for this awesome server being here and am glad we have a great community here. I was kicked from the L4d2 server today and i would like to share my experience to help out future situations. I questioned if a player on the other team was supervillan with voicechat. He responded with yes in the chat. I then stated "it is kind of cheap that admins can hear us talking" LRwarrior proceeds to say that "the admins are CHEATING". Supervillan then disrespectfully tells us that "everything we would say is obvious and we should STOP CRYING" then i hear maestro for a split second talking about accusing admins of cheating is serious. before i was kicked without warning. I never accused any admins of cheating, this is a rule that is not clear to everyone, i hope admins will make this more clear before they disrespect you and kick you. I show respect to all admins, i hope the same in return. PEACE. 4k http://instagram.com/707killa 1k http://youtube.com/killabho
  3. Hello everybody, Today at 18h10 (environ) I've been banned on "gcftw.com | L4D2 10v10 #1" at Left 4 Dead 2 when I played with a friend. I've just rushed 10 seconds and an admin banned me for rush but a little while later, my friend (who he was on the server more) said me that the admin who he banned me rush for 1 long minute. When there is a regulation, members AND ADMINS have to respect it. Ok, ok, I rushed and I didn't know that rushing causes a ban and I'm so sorry (I don't make it again) , but this administrator have to submit thereby, ok ? I don't want flatter you, because this admin isn't a good example for the GCFTW community. My Steam ID is STEAM_1:0:29706192 I hope that you bill unban me with these evidents... and that your admin will change his behavior quickly. Good bye.
  4. I made an account with your website for the reason of not being kicked. I have been kick on 3 separate occasions (while being a member and playing the game) for no other reason the making room for others. I know for a fact there were other people who are not even apart of your website group that did not get kicked and I did. Is there steps that I need to take to prevent this or is me joining you group a waste of my time and effort?
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