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Found 3 results

  1. Hello 707killa here I am grateful for this awesome server being here and am glad we have a great community here. I was kicked from the L4d2 server today and i would like to share my experience to help out future situations. I questioned if a player on the other team was supervillan with voicechat. He responded with yes in the chat. I then stated "it is kind of cheap that admins can hear us talking" LRwarrior proceeds to say that "the admins are CHEATING". Supervillan then disrespectfully tells us that "everything we would say is obvious and we should STOP CRYING" then i hear maestro for a split second talking about accusing admins of cheating is serious. before i was kicked without warning. I never accused any admins of cheating, this is a rule that is not clear to everyone, i hope admins will make this more clear before they disrespect you and kick you. I show respect to all admins, i hope the same in return. PEACE. 4k http://instagram.com/707killa 1k http://youtube.com/killabho
  2. Well, I apologize if this is not is the correct place for this kind of topic, but can not find or did not see visible the choice of questions, well done approx 10 min I was kicked from the server #1 by Maestro, and believe me, I don´t have any problem with the Adms or Mods or Members or with the server, many members even they know me, I've been playing on the server since January of this year, but today was presented something, that for me was very misunderstood, and this event had happened before and equal Maestro say me "you are Stacking green".. but I suppose those who know me after of the first time ban me, for runner, I learning to follow the rules of the server, until today, the same problem today is presented again, when the campaign begins, you must type "!r" to tell the server that is ready, but this happens again when the scramble is done, after writing !teams and visualize who was on my team, and after the round began, without writing "!infected" or "!survivor" but I was still changing of team on the server, and even Maestro could review the activity log may see that what I say is truth, & although I wrote more "!r" still changed of team, in these moment i Just see what happening on my team 8 vs 9 (maybe that it could happen to write !teams after of the scramble) but again I never wrote !infected or !survivor at any time the same server changed my team, and I can swear without fear even Maestro before kick me he left a message on where was saying the reason for my kick "GreenHeart is switching on you surv team" but again I have no need to change of team and I think that many members they've seen me play, they knows when I join, im stay there, not switching & am not lying. I am and keep the rules of the server as a guest, but for me is sad that point me as "stacking" when I'm not, so I would like to ask the ADM or Mods how stop this from happening. thank you very much
  3. So guys, it was very great to be an admin for like 10-15 minutes. I could heard everything and read to everyone. And i did what i always wanted to do.... I KICKED PEANUT!. Don't need to thank me for this act... it was my pleasure. Jokes asides, don't know what happened but i think that it was tuesday when i go in and got the admin powers. I even started a vote. At first Didnt know what was going on because i was hearing everyone and the chat was weird. Yes, i kicked Peanut because i didnt thought it was possible. But it was fun. Just saying this for checking the scripts, maybe on every game there's someone who is an admin just randomly. And if you can, please gimme the admin powers when Peanut is on, so i can kick him again. Thank you.
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