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Found 5 results

  1. Option 1: Xenophobic (though somewhat redeemable), whiny, prone to annoying petulant outbursts. Option 2: Biotic. Cloned to perfection. Bad girl. Hyper-protective of sister. Possibility for epic-level betrayal.
  2. Spoilers will abound, all be warned. Note 1: Keybind / Scan bug is annoying as hell. Note 2: I do not care a damn about what people are saying about the ending (not fully informed myself, just can't miss the raged blitherings). That said, doesn't matter. All is forgiven for Blasto 6: Partners in Crime. Once I figure out how to do screenshots I'll include those as well. Turning this into an open thread instead; never got around to fixing/finding the keybind or installing fraps.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC_eF3Na1U8 I have no idea why anyone in GC would not play this. Hours and hours of gameplay all of which appear to be the bastard offspring of Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, and Luc Besson. I am aware that is physically impossible. I stand by my statement. EDIT: Those that pre-ordered through EA's Origin service? Go ahead and start downloading now so you can play the second it is officially "released"
  4. Title says it all. SO EXCITED! Only slight downer is that I waited too long to get the N7 Collector's Edition for xbox from Best Buy. Gamestop was equally sold out, so I had to order from Newegg and pray that I don't have to wait long after release day to get it. Never ordered a game from Newegg, let alone a pre-order so it will be interesting to see how they handle it. I popped in ME2 yesterday and got all kinds of warm fuzzies again from the spectacular opening scenes. I think this will be my 7th playthrough of ME2, and I might even squeeze in an 8th before ME3. Vanguard ftw. ETA: I have made a point to avoid most coverage of this game so as to avoid any possible spoilers, so please be considerate in here. I'm considering not even reading any reviews before I play it. This is going to be very hard, but I want to have no idea whatsoever what I'm getting in to, other than OMGREAPERSDESTROYINGTHEUNIVERSE.
  5. http://www.joystiq.c...feature-videos/ I dare not watch them all (there are a bunch of new promo vids) Here's one... Also, Joystiq videos are now embeddable. Not with the media tag though; use the new custom tag: [joystiq]500d49a7[/joystiq] Just pull the unique id from one of the video's share links.
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