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Found 6 results

  1. Sky


    Shortly after swtor first released, I developed a simple combat log parser. It was for solo use only, and just parsed the logs; your logs, to be specific. It was just a dry run to see how parsing worked in swtor. I've since developed a new parser, which runs in real-time. Originally, it had a god-awful texture set. I showed crasx at one point, and I believe he screamed in horror at his monitor. The white skin did the job - it provided readability during prototyping. Now that it's officially reached the alpha stage, I took the time to develop a new, more permanent, easier-on-the-eyes skin. If you play swtor and want to try the meter, let me know. Currently, anyone can download it, but I have to allow their characters access. This is done to keep the testing group under control. Also, when a new version is released, you don't have to worry about anything. When you connect to the server, a version check occurs, and if a new version is available, it'll download it, and close the current version you're running. I'd love to hear feedback on this, as developing new features is definitely a goal but keep in mind that unlike other meters, the new features are added slowly, so that they can all be fully functional. I haven't been happy with the meters that exist because they're either: a. Abandoned and/or out of date b. Provide a lot of features [but none are fully implemented] c. Don't provide the features I was looking for In the upper right corner, personal information for the client is displayed. they are: threat per second damage per second heals per second experience per hour encounter length At any time, you can view the lobby list. It shows who all of the connected players are, their roles, and their current selected targets.
  2. So, SWTOR is now free to play. The F2P option gives you just the story line and limted flashpoint/warzone access but I decided to revisit the world of SWTOR and see whats going on. Wow, I'm lost. So, during the time I've been away they reduced the number of servers to like 8. The guild I was in is no more and I have no idea where to pick up from when I left. There's some new content and whatnot but really don't know what to do. Let me cut to the chase and get other peoples opinion on this. I loved this game when it came out. Played all the time. Got into my friends guild so I could at least attempt to raid but ended up being more of a solo player. I have a desire... don't know how large of a desire... but I want to pick up and start playing again, but I don't know if I want to return to a paid subscription and pay money for being lost. Does anyone else still play this game or have a desire to return to it if they've been away like I have? Should I just forget how awesome it is being a Sith and cutting people down with dual lightsabers and move onto something else? I'm conflicted and I need help! S.
  3. http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/06/16/ea-weighs-in-on-star-wars-the-old-republic-going-free-to-play/
  4. SWTOR Server - Vulkar Highway TS3 - http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads ts.dirtylittlemonkeys.com:4158 Galactic Republic
  5. A bunch of us from another community are going to be playing this when it's released. Anyone around here plan on playing? Star Wars the Old Republic. 2010 i think.
  6. Site's down for "maintenance" but as you can hear the sound of everyone's F5 mashing in the air, it's obviously down due to traffic, but the site exists! BETA SIGN UP
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