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  1. A couple days ago Blizzard's World of Warcraft community site went public. Check it out here Here's some information on many parts of the game.
  2. Is all of this (everything you guys are talking about in this forum) based on WarCraft III? Perhaps consider creating a topic that could be pinned that describes what you're doing, any mods (with links) that are necessary...perhaps a couple people to contact, etc. I don't have time to play, but as an old WCII player I've kinda browsed through the topics in here a bit....and to be honest, I get lost real quick with all the new terminology. Just a suggestion to put up a "welcome" type thread for any newbie travelers.
  3. World of Warcraft is in early beta stages at the moment. That means it should be released within 6-8 months, maybe sooner. If you've played any of the Warcraft games, the world and storyline will be instantly familiar. I have personally only played Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne, and that only for the last few days. However, I'm already falling in love with the lore of Warcraft. It has the most rich storyline of any real time strategy I've ever seen. It's more of a role playing game in many ways. I'll try to post up some of the key information and some of the juicy screenshots as I find them. I would also like to know who's interested (seriously interested, planning on spending the $10-12/month) in playing and forming a clan. What I last read (awhile ago) seemed to indicate that Horde players would not be able to communicate with Alliance players. So if we are to form a clan and adventure with each other then we'll need to decide what side we'll be on. But I'll try to find out for sure if that's the case. For those who haven't seen much, or anything on World of Warcraft, here's what Blizzard has to say about their game:
  4. I play USEast but I'm WAY out of practice. Would love to get back into it. Think my account's probably gone. Anyone play? Post up.
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