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Found 1 result

  1. Flitterkill


    Ahhh March. Unseasonably warm and blissfully quiet; at least around here. Nice to see folks just having fun on the servers (or maybe everyone is still playing ME3...) Regardless, things will soon be hopping around here; above and beyond the insanity that is L4D2. May brings Diablo 3, June or July brings the train that will be CS:GO. Fall has Guild Wars 2.... Hell of a year. Tee-shirts are more or less set. We'll grab 40-50 of various sizes and colors and also one or two specific color combos. Lots of short sleeves; a few long sleeves. Specific styles if you pre-order. So, that said... All this gaming probably gonna make you thirsty. Clearly you need to rehydrate in style. Clearly. The graphic would be that large (perhaps just a smidge smaller) and of course the black and white would be glossy. A vague amount of approval would move these from the realm of "maybe" to "they're in the store now" -Fk (PS: March membership drive ends in two weeks. If you are looking to lose weight you can score some rewards - check out the thread down in the Fitness Center. Also Battlefield 3 lives again.)