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Pretty sure to mark La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter, today Lu-Mulana is also on sale for 90%, on previous sales (Winter, Autumn) it was only 45%~75%. I would highly suggest getting it. It is a Action Puzzle Adventure Platformer. Steam may not mark it as such, but you DO have to solve a ton of cryptic stuff, if its too hard for a baby such are yourself you can use the Wiki. Im not gonna judge a baby if they have to use a wiki though....you big baby.


Really, its a great series (Now that La-Mulana 2 is in development and it seems pretty far.), and I would hope anyone that loves a sense of adventure should get it. People say its a Metroidvania game, I call it the only true Indiana Jones game, cause thats what it feels like, minus all the Nazi's thoughs. Every thing is givin to you the player to figure out, you just have to decipher the meanings.


La-Mulana on Steam 90% Off

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