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de_canyon2_c6: The Evolution of Canyon

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c6? cevo contest version. I will most likely upload for play tonight. ( will not replace map cycle version yet though)


Major Changes:


  • Blocked Stairs to B plat outside on CT side. Ct's must now go through upper B site to access outside plaform.
  • Added route through CT spawn warehouse to lower B. This also forced me to enclose part of the outside yard around CT spawn with more warehouse.
  • Blocked T spawn Garage from awping B platform outside. T's can still awp if they move up out of the garage.
  • Tweaked box layouts in Mid, Mid to A, Mid to T spawn and CT side of A site
  • Added crates for cover on the wooden bridge
  • Doors to upper B start Open but can be closed.
  • Added more space to cat walk area where door from water opens into lower B. This also gives T's more cover when they go up the ladder out of water.



Minor/ Cosmetic Changes:


  • Added grass, weeds, and ivy.
  • Updated 3d skybox ( though still not completely satisfied)
  • changed outside pathways to terrain/displacements for more natural rugged look.
  • Turned the chain fence blocking T spawn to wooden bridge into a broken cinder block wall.
  • Added some cracks and cranny's to ground effects of concreted areas.
  • Added column supports to catwalk above the water




  • FIxed blockage on ladder when exiting water to climb up to wooden Bridge


Known Issues:


  • New door from Ct spawn to Lower B is glitched


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Looking forward to play, bro.

Is there a link to vote in CEVO?

no I've not signed up or submitted yet. Not even completely sure its valid for the contest but I'm making it like it is.

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ok update Map will be eligible. All maps get judged by Gamebanna and Cevo to select a top 10 then they get voted on to a top 3 who are all prize winners. The over all Winner gets the money and their map played in the CEVO preseason

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Alrighty then UPDATE






  • Side hall Mid to A has been expanded and drop down turned into a horse shoe stair. Little under water tunnel is gone.
  • Wall and cover added to upper B
  • more detail/ props in some of the bare spots like the back hall to lower B from CT spawn.




  • Gonna Limit the playable water space......I think Ct's will not able to go any backwards and T's won't be able to swim behind the cat walkway

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Tbt when do you go pro with mapmaking? Your stuff is getting good

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