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Please unban me from your CSGO server


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Please help,
I've been banned from your CSGO server.  I threw a grenade and hit friendlies.  I must have TK'd one of them but I didn't notice before I was kicked and banned.


This mistake most likely happened because I was getting about 80% choke and very high packet loss at the time. My ping was hitting about 300.  There were about 2 or 3 other people in my house using the internet, so I shouldn't have been playing under those conditions in the first place.


I was banned on June 1st @ 7pm on the map entitled Inferno.


I apologize for the mistake.
I'm often a team leader, not someone who attacks teammates.  This was entirely a mistake.


If you're able to check, I was likely leading the team in kills when I was kicked/banned so you know I'm not one of the those people who TK's others.


Can you please allow me back?  Your server has sweet ping!.
My steam name is Sgt. Taylor
I believe my ID is STEAM_1:0:62187652

Thanks so much for your time.

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I'll point crasx to this if he's not about I'll remove it tonight when I get home.  Thanks for coming here in the manner you did and please be careful in the future to avoid FF especially in spawn.   An accidently nade really really early in the round  will most certainly result in swift action by Admins if they see it.

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