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Banned in l4d2


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Hello friend of gamrs.co .....


I think that makes your day was banned l4d2 server, and would like to know why was the ban  :sad:  :sad: at the time did not know much about the game and servers.


If I made any mistake I apologize, and if they could remove the ban :blush:  :blush:



I hope your answer 



(my English is bad :blush: - Sorry)






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Is this you?? http://gamrs.co/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=cristhian&Submit=


If it is, you rushed ahead which we do not allow rushing on our servers, then died and left the server. Doing this is very bad for your team. Also, if that is you, Architect was the one that banned you and he should be along soon to give his side of the situation.


If this was not you please give us the name you were using and your steam ID ( example: STEAM_1:1:90476616)

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First, thank you for approaching us and appologizing.


If you are the same person that I banned, please confirm your steam id, then what happened is that you ran out of the saferoom prior to anyone else on the team being ready.  You triggered the tank and were immediately killed.  Then you logged off.  Myself and other players were asking you to get back to the saferoom, but when you logged off, it appeared that you were attempting to grief the server.  By griefing, I mean that you intentionally were trying to play poorly to make the survivors lose. 


When you confirm your steam id, I can lift the ban.


However, please be aware of the server rules.  What you should have done is not rush out of the saferoom before everyone is ready.  Stick with the team and help them.  If you go to far ahead of your team, you could be banned again.

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