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Everything posted by Madvillain

  1. I remember Meng as a Member only.... I am getting old... Quality post Old Boy!
  2. Reading the comments in Peanut's post makes me wish we could remove these cancerous trolls, they contribute nothing to this community.

  3. I love it Maestro, well done. Phuck the haters, keep your head up!
  4. Congratulations on finding happiness
  5. Sad to see life is being hard on you Maestro but don't worry, it will all get better. I have some whiskey downstairs, I'll toast to you as soon as the wife gets home. Keep your head up friend.
  6. I'm a bit late to the game but hopefully all goes well for her.
  7. I don't see the charges to san's credit card to renew my membership yet.
  8. This fixed my issue when I used to crash when rocket jumping in as infected.
  9. I got out drank by my IT coordinators and CIO...

    1. Mercman


      you need more practice

    2. crasx


      I got outdrank by myself

    3. Madvillain


      I am very well practiced..... it is rare for me to lose a booze battle

  10. Both are equally awesome..... Belgium needs to step it's game up.
  11. What kind of popups? Which browser? You don't have to "install" something to have issues like that, some site may have run a malicious script.
  12. I am right but never left...
  13. RIP What.cd :(

    1. Johnny


      sad is it not. however, my community is still up

    2. Madvillain


      I need to find a new music community.

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