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Hanster02 last won the day on October 14 2018

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  • Birthday 01/01/1986

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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Old Boy
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    Old Boy
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    Los Angeles
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    I'm OLD BOY!

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  1. Hanster02

    Anyone still playing?

    Looney, SAVE L4D2 I bet most of the casual members don't know how to use Open Server Browser, so they think GC Servers disappeared. Please fix it soon. L4D2 is nothing without GC Servers. Don't force me to play OVERWATCH. I'm too old to learn new games. My 6 yr old kicks my butt in Overwatch.
  2. Hanster02

    Anyone still playing?

    There's no one in the games because it's hard to get into the game. No server listing, no direct connect via website. I had to ask MERC how to use OPENSERVERBROWSER... What average player knows how to use that. FIX THE ISSUE! Am I the only one? Why isn't anyone talking about it? Ever since the website change, L4D2 Servers are dead. OLD BOY
  3. Hanster02

    Left 4 Dead community is dying.

    OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. I can't find the GC Servers, anymore. Are you guys going to fix this? It was so easy to go thru the website to get into a game, now that's gone and no server listing... I have to use the OPENSERVERBROWSER, and no one's in the game. Which means new people will never come, that translates to GC / L4D2 Community will slowly be forgotten and die. PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Everything was fine before, why the change! OLD BOY
  4. Hanster02

    Emergency Unpin Option?

    The SI should get 5 points for getting unpinned, since it could have gotten 5 points for killing the survivor. if you're going to use emergency unpin, most likely you're about to die, 5 points is fair.
  5. Hanster02


    I know most of the time when members post on this forum is when they have a complaint or need to be unbanned, it's just the nature of the beast. I have an eCommerce website and the only people that comment are bad reviewers and complainers, rarely do people say "great job" or "awesome products". So I know how it feels to not be appreciated. This my first post, since being a quiet member for the last 3 years. I just wanted to tell you guys (admins) that I love playing on GC servers and you guys are very fair and kind. You guys make this game great and I appreciate what you do. I haven't played "4000" hours of L4D2 and I'm not great at TANK, but I love how no one ever puts down someone for not being a "pro". This server and you guys will always have my support. Old Boy
  6. Hanster02

    Reminder on griefing on L4D2 servers

    I think using a deagle is fine, if you're good at it. But you should have a tier 2 weapon as a backup. What if you run out of ammo in your deagle, instead of wasting time reloading, while the person is getting incapped, you can use your tier 2 weapon. It's important to have a backup. Not having a tier 2 as a backup to your deagle is bad planning.