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banned for wanting to play with friend v2


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Thank you MPG1770 for the link to the rules.


4) Stacking/ Team switching to win
What is it: Switching to the winning team or team with more players in order to win
Why is it bad: Makes game less fun for the losing team.
When is it allowed: When an admin switches you or you move from the winning team to the losing team to balance the game


As you can see the rule says no switching teams to stack the teams or move to a winning team in order to win.  That in essence is the reason for the rule, fair balanced teams.  My friend and I would have been glad to have been placed on a losing team together so long as we could play on the same team.  You stated "You CANNOT  move teams just to be on same side as your friend".  We have been switching teams for weeks to be on the same team on this server so we believed that is acceptable especially since it does not violate the purpose of the rule. You are the first mod to say or do anything.


And yes we violated 3) Language; Encouraging others to grief, spamming voice/text chat.

But only after you moved us and told us "you cannot play together on this server, which is incorrect.  You lost our respect and I believe eastwood981 let you have an earful.  Like I said before we had no prior history of foul or abusive language.  We actually talk on steam private chat.


Also as a moderator if someone says they are playing with a friend it is common courtesy to allow them to do so.  You took a narrow minded stance and told us that we could not be on the same team which is a incorrect statement.  It would have taken you less than a minute to let us switch to a team together then balance the teams.  That is good moderation.  Definition of moderator: an arbitrator or mediator.  You did not try to talk to us and come to a solution, you just said this is how it's going to be and that's it.  That is bad moderation.


I would like for a board member like  PeanutButterNJelly or crasx to give a non-biased opinion on the matter.  As I see it they will probably side with the moderator but none the less I am curious.



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Please do not start any additional posts on this subject.  Our rules are clear.  No, you can not switch teams to play with a friend (unless that team is outnumbered, or an admin allows it for the purpose of evening up the teams).  As mentioned in the other post, we all have friends on the server, we all want to play with them.  To think our admins should sit there for 15 minutes and swap everyone around until they can all play with their friends is just silly. 


Also, if anyone thinks an admin is treating them unfairly, they simply need to get that information to me.  Cursing at them, insulting them, sending them vulgar and disgusting messages will never be tolerated.


If you want to discuss this further, send me a private note. 

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