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  1. Reminder !! I will be on around 7:30 est Beating up admins before that time doesn’t count, since I have to carry the team
  2. Meng, when I first glanced at this, the idea/contest/post looked a little too sappy to me. But after reading this (the posts by you, soda and looney), I changed my mind. I liked reading it. Also, if you want one of the prizes to be a free membership, I will pay for it. 1) When and how did you find out about GC? And which game did/do you play on? How long have you been gaming on GC overall?​ Played L4D2 and enjoyed the server. Had to become a member to stay in the server. I only did it to not get kicked. The idea of not being able to have an offensive name and not being able to say offensive things to people seemed dumb when I first joined (not that I did things to be mean, but I do have a warped sense of humor). But I soon ended up understanding the reason for the rules GC had and I wanted to help everyone enjoy the gaming here. 2) Share about your very first day on GC or just your first month or so, how did it go? Whether good or bad, let’s hear it from you. You really think I can remember that far back? I remember one time General doing a kick vote on me, and just before I was kicked I saw him type "vote no, wrong person!" or something. Yeah thats a nice welcome! 3) Tell me about friends you have made while playing our servers and what roles did they have into making you have fun gaming in general. I wish I could list them all, but it would just be too many. I made so many friends from L4D2 and GC. Some have become friends beyond just playing the game, they know who they are and I really appreciate them. Most of the friends made it enjoyable to play because of not taking things too seriously and being able to have fun and joke around. Some friends also really went out of their way to help me learn how to play the game better or smarter (Swatfishy where are you!!). Unfortunately (because of the role I accepted in GC) I have had to play the bad guy also, and caused some people to not think very fondly of me. I dont take it personally though. Actually, the funny part is, I still considered most of those people friends too, even if they didnt think the same way back. 4) What keeps you coming back to play GC? Someone needs to be here to be the bad guy.... oh wait, we have San for that..... seriously though it is the people in GC (see above), I feel like so many of you are friends and family. 5) How has GC affected you as a person, whether big or small, share about it. Years ago, when I really started playing on L4D2 server alot and I joined GC, it was because playing on the GC server and playing with the people here, was the only way I could get my mind off losing a family member. The game, the server, the people really helped me through tough times, even though they were unaware! 6) What are some fond memories that you can recall on while playing games on GC servers? Any funny ones? Any sad ones? Saddest moment - when San sent me a request to join a chat with certain other evil board members and they forced me to become one of them. There are too many good times to type about, sorry! Most involve either playing jokes on Zero though. 7) What song reminds you of GC? Down With The Sickness - Disturbed 8) What is a goal you want to accomplish next year? And for those who play L4D2, what is something you want to work on getting better at in the game? Personal Goal... Only a few here know the details, but for the last 20 months I was in one of the most horrible situations imaginable. Biggest fight of my life, but I was just recently vindicated, completely. It became official just 3 weeks ago. It is hard to explain, but without that continual weight on me (it cost me a fortune and the stress took a toll on me), my goal now is to just enjoy what I have and not take anything for granted. L4D2 goal... Obviously I am the most skilled Admin or Board member at the game, but I still always try to improve. I tend to do the same things when I play (use an AK as survivor, play boomer mostly as infected). I would like to get better with AWP and use other infected classes more (except for the Smokermerc, ugh I hate playing that).
  3. we can do it next week too i will be there, so at least the admin team will have 1 top player
  4. We dont allow cursing or name calling on our servers. If you acknowledge understanding our rules and promise to follow them in the future, we can consider lifting the ban.
  5. That's too bad about you and Merc. I thought it would work out. I changed it back to Elias, but let me know if you two reconcile the relationship again.
  6. I like the idea of any upgrade we can give hordes, maybe just for some more points. The Dixie question is obvious
  7. It would be nice if hordes were stronger when they are bought Not sure Jackie can do that though and also there is an easy counter just throwing fire down easily counters hordes
  8. Rhineford's ban was not specifically about Deadlock/Guts, but about another player. However, as you both already know from our discussions, Rhineford and Carlos' situations are both resolved.
  9. Hi Carlos I think in this situation, it is okay that you posted here. We will discuss your situation and get back to you. FYI, most of the players that were banned, did know Deadlock and Guts were the same person. I have proof of that and admissions from them. Also just to clarify again (not from your post, but other things I have "heard"), no one is being banned for being someone's "friend", no one is being banned for playing with someone who was banned, the bans were for knowing someone was breaking the rules and not doing anything about it. I already explained this in the L4D2 main forum. I don't enjoy banning anyone, especially people I have been playing this game with for a long time. I understand people don't want to be a "snitch", but I accepted a responsibility to govern GC and the L4D2 servers. If you are a GC member, you have a responsibility as well. I have banned friends before and I just had to ban them again now. I have banned Admins in the past and even taken away their admin ( and yes, if the roles were reversed, I WOULD do the same thing to them that I did to some of you recently... I have done it). It isn't easy getting everyone mad at me, having people tell me what others said about me or GC. I have unbanned a couple or shortened them, based on additional information or discussions. Regardless of what anyone thinks, I will continue to enforce rules, whether you are a new player, a long time member, an admin, etc. I will also continue to be available to help or discuss whatever is needed, no matter what your situation or how i feel about you personally.
  10. The bans were not really for "playing with a banned player", but really for knowing a banned player was avoiding the ban by using an alt. I don't think that is ridiculous at all and you can read more on it here... http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/46981-responsibility-of-gc-members/?p=565475
  11. Hi Tengra. Resolved. See note I sent to you.
  12. Just a quick additional note on this, because of some things I have heard... No one is being banned for being someone's "friend". Anyone who has been banned (or ends up being banned) from the situation with Deadlock playing as Guts is because they knew he was breaking the rules and did nothing about it. If you end up getting banned for this, and believe it is unfair or incorrect, you can post in the un-ban request forum or send me a message through the website. All requests will be considered and reviewed.
  13. I would play that with you, if you need someone.
  14. Crash thanks for some of the things you pointed out. It makes a lot of sense. I know admins and other board members think I am too nice in certain situations. I definitely think we should be a community that gives 2nd (and 3rd chances). Part of the reason for this is because of how some admins and board members were previously banned for serious issues and yet now are so important to GC. Soda, you have to realize, Deadlock did come back immediately on alt accounts, after being banned. He did not wait for any process. He was banned on 3/20, then had alts banned on 4/2, 4/2, 4/11. Anyway, I am hoping we can move past the drama soon.
  15. I am posting this in the L4D2 forum and I understand many GC members are members because of our L4D2 server. However, this post is to remind everyone that GC is more than a L4D2 server. The membership is more than a reserve slot on that server. Once you are a member, we expect you to not only follow GC rules, but to help promote and enforce them. This does not just mean to yell out when someone is rushing or tell them to stop cursing, but you also have a responsibility to uphold our anti-cheating rules. If you know someone is cheating or a previously banned person is playing on the server, it is your responsibility to let an admin know. Purposely helping to hide that information is not something a GC member should do and can result in loss of membership and/or a ban from servers. A copied portions of past information posts from other board members regarding this: From Jackie: What do GC members get over non-GC members? Member reserve kick protection - You won't get kicked to make room for members anymore AFK protection. You won't be kicked for going AFK, but getting moved to Spectate will still happen High Ping Protection Hats!! Access to vote kick commands plus vote kick protection Gain "for fun" RPG levels! Gain an infinite amount of levels, but the amount of EXP you gain per level increases with each one you earn plus fake items that are obtainable for comedic purposes. Just because you're a member doesn't give you free reign to be a jackass (for lack of a better term). You can get your membership revoked without a refund. If you think the rules are a joke and you disrespect them, by all means make your own community/server and run it how you please. The community rules aren't very complicated. Just because you can be a troll, doesn't mean you should be. From Flitter Welcome to Gamerscoalition! In one form or another, Gamerscoalition has been around for a while. Ten years at least. We're a community of gamers (not a clan) that find value in good sportsmanship (and competition), clean and mature gaming, teamwork, and comradery. Things are good when everyone in the server shows respect, has fun, and works together. Admins and Board Members receive no pay; all dues are for the servers, keeping our forums and website rocking, or used for community enhancement. Our rules (condensed): - No swearing - No porn sprays - No racism, bigotry, or other disrespectful comments - If you don't have nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin at all - Don't argue or debate with admins in game. Use our forums, please. - All of the above goes for both voice and text comms in-game (or over Vent) - No Hax. We have zero-tolerance for hacking, auto-aim, etc. - Just because a game is "mature" does not give you leeway to break any of the above rules even if the game characters do or say "stuff" This is not a complete list of our rules. A complete list does not exist. You are asked to use your best judgement. GC does reserve the right to remove any member at any time with *no* refunds. Seriously. Good people have been caught red-handed with hax. And they have been shown the door. If you need hax to have fun, this is not the place for you. Also, do not think that being a dues paying GC member cuts you any slack on these rules. If anything we hold Coalition Members and Coalition Admins to *higher* standards.
  16. Just FYI Deadlock sent me a message, prompted by a recent ban to someone else. It is so off, that I figured I would add some of it here and address it. I did not include the insults to me and others. "The only reason i'm banned is because turbo kept complaing about me and said that he had "evidence" but he really didn't have jack poop and noone else wanted to deal with it. So they decided to ban me and get it over with." "I'm not a cheater and banning me because noone wanted to look at the "Evidence" and confirm is trucking lazy" I do not need to defend our process, but I am going to address it anyway. In this situation, demos were made by several people, some were admins, some were members. There were a lot of demos and they were viewed by a lot of people. Everyone agreed a cheat was being used. The main demos that showed this were not from Turbo. There is not much more that can be said on the matter. GC does not allow cheats to be used. When they are found, the people are banned.
  17. Thanks for the post about this technical issue. That is way above my technical knowledge. Luckily San is great with these things. He has been working tirelessly for a while on this issue now. It looks like he has figured out the problem and has resolved it for you now. I don't think you should have any more issues with trying to join the server. Oh, also, regarding Sourcebans... had you searched under the name of Deadlock, you would have found the ban you were looking for. As we have discussed many times in the past, you were banned for cheating. Until you address that, you are just wasting other people's money, having them buy you memberships. Having your friends buy accounts for you, only gives us reason to ban others as well... Might want to be careful about that in the future.
  18. Just put all admins on same team, all night long, then let the other spots fill in however they end up. Then entire night can be admins vs members.
  19. I wont be there either, 5pm est is way too early unfortunately. I will be on around 8est or so
  20. After a two month ban and your apology (which hopefully is sincere), we have decided to give you a last chance at being involved in our community. Be warned however, you are being reinstated, but you are on probation. Your prior behavior will not be tolerated. If there is any situation with you again you will be back on the ban list. I do not just mean breaking some specific rule, I mean acting up in any way at all. Suggestion...If you find yourself bored of playing, in need of attention, wanting to prove a point, having to show off just how "cool" you think you are, needing to test authority or wanting to engage in silly debates about rules ... just leave the server immediately and do it somewhere else in your life. It is really simple. Honestly, in the two months you have been banned, things on the server have been pleasant. It needs to continue that way. I don't want to be your babysitter. Learn to be positive toward other people and our gaming community. Play the game and not only have fun, but help others enjoy the game also. I have unbanned you. Please have fun on our servers. FYI, your membership expired, let me know if you need any help in renewing (though remember, we do not offer refunds, if you are banned again.) Thanks
  21. Soda was banned for a month originally, for griefing. This was not a one time situation, which was the reason for the length of the ban (see my post above also). After Soda made a joke of the ban (see comment about Hard Dark above), the ban was increased by an additional 2 months. After being told by me to contact us in a month with reasons to shorten the ban, Soda posted a venomous reply (above), which resulted in a permanent ban. It has now been over two months since the original ban. Soda did contact us (Johnny and board members) apologizing and asking how he can get back to playing with us. Johnny asked him to address everything he said and did. Soda did this about a month ago, but I have not posted it previously because we felt the post above deserved some time before we even considered an apology. Here is Soda's apology and him addressing the issues. He is under consideration for being allowed back and it will decided soon. From Soda in June: as for right now i will explain all of that just to you guys and maybe that will help understand how all of this happened. as for my previous bans that led to this one, they were mostly all on bounds of griefing or being irresponsible and immature in gc with rules, admins, members, etc. i realize this was wrong and i should have stopped after the first ban i received. for my actions towards harddark that got me the one-month ban, i can sincerely tell you i was not trying to ruin the game for anyone in this situation. i was honestly just trying to get a few laughs as it was a pretty light-hearted round of customs so i decided to mess with him since he had been in the back a lot that game and he is notorious for doing so. I know why this was wrong because it is griefing, regardless of the mindset i had when doing it. when it came to the ban increasing from one month to three months, this was because i made a joke about why i did it on the forum post. i can see why this was not a good choice because it makes it seem like i wasnt taking anything seriously. i was not saying that to be rude to anyone but i was trying to lighten up a dark situation for me. as for the alt account. i played on an alt account because in all honestly i was bored and wanted to play again. i thought about apologizing to possibly have my main account unbanned but i figured after what i said, there was no way that was going to happen. regardless, i see now i should have tried to talk about it before i tried playing on an alt account. now for the forum post that made my ban permanent: Bruh it should be shortened because he tripled it for making a joke. here i was clearly not happy about the ban being increased to three months, i instantly saw i messed up by saying that but i was powerless in going back to change anything. I get you guys are all happy you can ban whoever you want whenever you want because nobody can argue anything or you use your status to make the situation worse. this sentence shows how frustrated i was that i could not change the situation i was in so i tried to blame it on the admins. i understand that the mistakes were made by me so this was not fair to say. I also get that you guys want me gone so you look for little things and ban me for them, mind you all johnny does is look for reasons to ban people. around this time i was hearing from some other players that if admins/bms wanted someone gone from gc they would make that happen somehow. this made me think that everyone was just out to get me looking for every reason to ban me. i see now that i deserved the ban because of griefing so that makes this statement uncalled for. Then just for kicks you triple it over a joke and when I propose why that is wrong, you do nothing. again, here i was upset about me not being able to change the situation i had got myself into. This server is clearly dying, if not already dead, because anyone who is smart enough to realize all the admin bs that goes on, doesn't put up with it. this also is about talking to other people outside of gc who had problems in the past as well. this was a mistake because it just made me angry at the gc community. i had a biased attitude making this comment and i said "admin bs" because again, i was upset about the situation i was in, but that does not make what i said right. Admins ban people who are better than them, have more fun than them, etc. this was just not true clearly since there are many people who are better or appear to have more fun than admins on gc all the time. Sometimes admins will say that this is a "competitive" server and people "want to make it to the safe room" but half the regulars on gc have over 4000 hours and nothing to even show for it. here i was caught up in pride with my skill level for my amount of time payed compared to others. i see now that those people who have more hours than me but may not be the best in the world are just playing to relax and have fun, and that it doesnt always have to be trying your hardest and learning every little thing, even for a competitive type game. If this was about making safe room, there would be a lot more good players than there is. im not sure what exactly i meant by this but there are a lot of good players on gc so this was not correct. I love the internet because it gives people like you admins a chance to have authority for once in your lives, and no one can do anything about that. It's a bit sad to be honest im not proud of this but it was a clear personal attack on admins. i apologize but my reasoning behind this was heat of the moment and frustration after typing the first parts of this post. this was completely unjust and disrespectful to all admins. i should have left my emotions out of it, but at that point i seem to had completely lost my head. Enjoy this community of admins abusing authority and players will 4000 hours that can't hit a deadstop. saying "admins abusing authority" was just me upset about my ban and being frustrated, and the 4000 hours thing was again, me caught up in my pride. Make my ban permanent, this community is worthless to come back to. this was a clear deal maker that showed i did not want to play anymore beyond this point. the truth is i did still want to play, i did still like the community and the people who made the community up. i was caught in a state of anger and frustration that im sure everyone experiences sometimes, and now i regret it. the reason i asked for the permanent ban was because after seeing three months on the ban, i felt it was essentially already permanent. i felt i had already kicked myself out of the community and there was nothing to do now except make things even worse. i do apologize for and regret everything that happened and i am willing to change my attitude and behavior towards the gc community, in and out of game. i miss playing with everyone and i would be more than happy to be allowed a seemingly long-gone second chance. hope this helps a bit, thanks all.
  22. It is possible to be a member, but not have the server recognize it, if you have an incorrect steam id in your account. If you have an issue with the server, check the steam id or contact me
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